‘Bambi’: A Must Have Blu-ray

Disney’s outstanding animation ‘Bambi’ has now arrived on Blu-ray and is available on all the retail stores. The movie is introduced to the market for a limited period like other Disney’s premium releases.

‘Bambi’ is one of the movies which embedded human like qualities in animated characters and had an appeal on all type of masses. The movie demarcated its boundaries not only for the kids exclusively but also captivated adults in its charm. It is a wonderful experience to see this creation on Blu-ray. Some of the additional features are added to this Blu-ray release.

There are many things which were not included in the Disc of the movie. The major attraction of this Blu-ray movie is the inclusion of the making of the movie including the sitting session and other techniques involved in the making process of the movie. The making was also included in the disc version but the multi screen option and upgraded technology of the Blu-ray make the entire experience of watching the movie a cherished one.

There has been an addition of the two deleted scenes which were not incorporated in the disc before. The latest Blu-ray edition also includes a song which was not available in the previously. It also makes you roam around the picture gallery of the various designs that were created during the movie making process.

It is a great gift for the movie lovers who want to see the scenes behind the camera and also experience their favorite movie with a complete new feel.