Movie Review: ‘The Adjustment Bureau’

Hollywood doesn’t seem to move itself away from the fascination of adaptations. The latest addition to the long tail of adaptations is ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ which is the theatrical version of Philip. K. Dick short story Adjustment team. George Nolfi marks the directorial debutant with his latest venture ‘The Adjustment Bureau’. The genre of the movie again has an inclination of a sci-fi drama. The actor of the film Matt Damon plays the role of a businessman David Norris who is all set for an election candidature.

The film runs under the sleek thin theme of role of chance and fate. Norris was all set to win the elections when he came across the girl of his dreams Emily Blunt and consequently lost the about to win elections. The consequences in the movie happen in such a way which makes Norris to accept the fact that he is losing the grip on his own life. All the events happening in his life seems to be according to “The Plan” and controlled by “The Chairman”.

The movie has all the flavors of thriller, fantasy and sci-fi elements and the mix of all these elements make it an interesting combination without over powering one element over the other. While watching the movie, there is no realization that this is the debutant venture of the director George Nolfi and he has done full justice to his job. The chemistry between the two protagonists is fascinating and this has further made it a celluloid experience to go for.