‘Total Recall’ Remake is Happening After All!

While initially it was pretty uncertain whether there were actual chances for the ‘Total Recall’ remake to actually proceed in the making, but director Len Wiseman’s remake of 1990’s science fiction action film is indeed underway.

Many of you might already be aware that Collin Ferrell had already signed on for the role of Douglas Quaid, the character and protagonist of the film, who was formerly portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1990s version. The recent news regarding the making of the film is actually the search to fill up the spots of the leading female characters so that the film project could actually be finalized.

The role of Lori, Quaid’s wife, is actually the role that popularized Sharon Stone and was the corner stone of her famous career. Currently Diane Kruger and Kate Bosworth are being considered for the role and most probably one of them could be portraying Lori. Rachel Ticotin originally portrayed the character Melina, as for now Eva Mendez and Paula Patton are being considered and are reading for the role.

With the casting within the picture and more certain, fans of the original film can expect the remake to be somewhat appealing as well. Yet, in spite of the fact that most of roles seem to have been filled up or will be eventually, there are still several other major roles that are still to be played. Therefore, there could still be quite a lot of time before we do get to watch the film. All we can do is expect that the remake proves to be worth watching.