Tron 2 movie collection on Blu-ray & DVD

Even as a sequel that came out after 28 years, Tron: Legacy indeed impressed people who had liked the 1982 ‘Tron’ film. Well now we all get to enjoy both the film on Blu-ray with the the release of the 2 movie collection Blu-ray. It maybe a 2 movie collection but the discs in the set include a regular Blu-ray, a 3D Blu-ray, a DVD of the 2010 film, digital copy of Tron: Legacy and an HD version of the original film, which is the icing on the cake, in case of this collection.

After reading this news people would certainly want to adore Walt Disney Home Entertainment since it was their idea to release the 2 movie collection. The major highlighting feature of the disc set certainly has to be the amazing high quality film content. Other additional features of the disc include ‘Launching the Legacy’, ‘Visualizing Tron’, Installing the Cast’, which showcase detailed insight on how the Tron story was brought back once again for the sequel, the use of the CG environment, how the cast was finally chosen and much more. That’s not all that this disc collection has to offer. There are even more disc features such as ‘Disc Roars’, ‘Derezzed’ and there’s a lot more to discover, once you begin watching the discs.

With $170 million Tron: Legacy is indeed a film worth watching, but watching it on Blu-ray would mean enjoying the high definition picture and high quality sound. So for those who haven’t watched the sequel or even the original, there’s no better chance to watch both.