Thor Leads the Way to Top the Box Office Leaving All Competition Behind

The Marvel Comics film Thor 3-D has a huge box office success debuting at $66 million which a sure sign that the summer movie season for Hollywood has definitely begun. May happens to be a significant week for Hollywood box office releases and therefore Thor making its way to the top after being released in May was not much of a surprise.

Chris Hemsworth, who might be a newcomer in Hollywood but gets to be the lucky one playing the role of the Norse God of Thunder. Also joining the cast of the film are Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins, both of whom are Academy Award winners. Running on 213 IMAX digital screens, Thor had a success of $6.6 million, earning a 10 % portion of the weekend total. After all, we all love to watch our favorite blockbusters on the IMAX screen whether it is a 2-D film such as Fast Five or something in 3-D, much like the recently released ‘Thor’.

Along with making it to the top of the box office, Thor also left several films behind in its wake. These include ‘Fast Five’ which was previously leading the box office, now moved down to the second spot, followed by ‘Jumping the Broom’ right after it on the third position. ‘Something Borrowed’ is now at the fourth spot and ‘Rio’ which also got its fair chance of being at the top of the box office is now at the fifth spot. With this extensive success for ‘Thor’, all who didn’t get a chance to get a glimpse of the superhero film would want to watch it now.