X-Men: First Class Takes the First Spot on the Box Office

The success of the Memorial weekend definitely set a huge record for Hollywood. Customers were once again driven to movie theaters around the country by yet another superhero franchise. X-Men: First Class by Twentieth Century Fox is the the 5th installment of the franchise. After generating over $1 billion in global revenue, it  has proven to be the most successful film till date. The weekend gross of the film shot up to $56 million.

There were many reasons which made this much anticipated film a favorite among the audiences. For one, it is a work of a critically acclaimed director, staring the likes of James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, who are some of the top Hollywood actors. This film not only serves as a prequel to the previous films in the franchise but seems to be more of a reboot as well with a totally new cast. All of these factors probably serve as the appeal and attraction of this film. Thus, it is not surprising that the global weekend revenues for the film reached up to $120 million.

The Hangover Part II by Warner Bros was pushed down to the 2nd spot in the Box Office, soon after ‘X-Men: First Class’ made its debut. As The Hangover Part II dropped in ranks the same was the case with Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3-D by Dreamworks Animation and Paramount Pictures dropped down to the thirst place.

Thus, it is quite obvious that once again a Marvel super hero film leads the Box Office rankings and considering the film itself, it certainly belongs on the top.