Pacific Rim Release Date Announced

Many of us currently believe that the world might be ending in 2012 and all thus of us are not able to understand why Hollywood studios seem to believe that is not the case. It in fact seems pointless to us that movies are being schedules to be released after the year 2010 since we might not even make it. Nonetheless apart from our family and friends, Hollywood is giving us something to live for if we do end up in 2013, one of their latest monster movie, Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim directed by Guillermo Del Toro has been confirmed to be released in theatres on July 12, 2013. As it is a monster movie many of you might know what to expect. There are certainly going to be a lot of monsters threatening to take over the world and the movie stars Charlie Day, Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba, as the salvation for the human race, who will be fighting off these monsters in the movie.

Hell Boy II was the last movie that Guillermo Del Toro had directed and we know that it was quite a spectacular movie that in fact managed to knock down ‘The Dark Knight’. Thus it seems quite obvious that this movie might definitely be worth watching and it will certainly be a long wait. In fact we do not even know yet whether we will be making it to 2013 but one thing is for sure that you have a movie like ‘Pacific Rim’ to look forward to.