Footloose to Set Loose on Blu-ray on September 27th

Good news comes for all the fans of the 80s films like Herbert Ross’s 1984 musical drama Footloose, especially for those who had been waiting for the film to be released on Blu-ray. That time has finally come and 27th September has been confirmed as the date for the release of the Blu-ray version of ‘Footloose’.

Some never before seen special features such as Kevin Bacon’s original screen test, two commentary tracks and interviews with Kevin Bacon and Sarah Jessica Parker, are set to be included in this special release. Apparently the release date of the remake of the film i.e. 14th October will be overlapped by this Blu-ray and DVD re-release. This is certainly great news because now by the time the remake is released people could actually enjoy watching both the original version and the remake back to back.

The plot of ‘Footloose’ revolves around a young man played by Kevin Bacon who lives in a small mid-western town where dancing is banned. So, by dramatically dancing through an empty workhouse he starts a revolution in the town.

The Blu-ray and DVD special edition of ‘Footloose’ will be released on 27th September and will be available for purchase.

Apart from getting to enjoy the film in 1080p high definition with English 6.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, you would also get to watching new special features including:

From Bomont to the Big Apple: An Interview with Sarah Jessica Parker

Kevin Bacon Costume Montage

Kevin Bacon’s Screen Test

Let’s Dance! Kevin Bacon on Footloose

Remembering Willard