Behind the Scene Stories from Captain America: The First Avenger

Two more days remain until Captain America: The First Avenger opens all around the world. It cannot be denied that the film is one of biggest Marvel superhero release of this year and what better way to make the wait worth it than to share some behind the scene stories.

Taking the lead role of one of the most popular superhero of all time in a $140 million film would certainly be every actor’s dream but it seems that Chris Evans was to nervous about taking the movie. What upset the nerves of the actor was the fact that he also had to be committed to six further films (3 Captain America’s and 3 Avengers) and this left him no choice but to attend therapy. Luckily for Chris Evans therapy helped him “fix [his] brain” and rightfully so, an actor who had played The Human Torch in another Marvel superhero flick, now got to dress in red, blue and white.

If you pay attention you will notice that Hayley Atwell seems to be the only female lead in this up coming superhero film and apparently she has no problems being surrounded by so many men. In fact it seems that she has been spending her free time playing some iPad game by the name of ‘Witch’s Brew’ with her co-stars on the film set.

Joe Johnston, the director of the film also reveals that the Steven Spielberg classic ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ served as an inspiration for this upcoming superhero film that will release on 22nd July.