Brad Pitt Expected to Star in James Gray’s Spy Thriller

Moneyball is one of the Brad Pitt’s most recent films, which is already set to be released in theaters all over the nation on the 23 of September.

The actor/producer has already been approached to star in another film. It has been reported by Variety that James Gray (We Own the Night) is expected to be directing a spy thriller film. It has also been reported that the director has been in contact with Brad Pitt to play the lead role in the film of an assassin who was a former CIA agent and has now become a fugitive.

We can judge that a lot of movie watchers might be getting all sarcastic by the moment judging this soon to be produced film as just another spy thriller revolving around some CIA agent-turned-fugitive assassin. What they do not know is that the screenplay of the film is being provided by Adam Cozard and the film itself is based upon a bestselling novel by author Mark Greaney that was included in the 2010 list of the best un-produced scripts of Hollywood.

Furthermore, what a lot of movie goers are now aware about is that James Gray had already been earlier planning to work with Brad Pitt when he was all set to direct The Lost City of Z adaptation. The film was supposed to be a real-life account of Percy Fawcett’s adventure and quest in search of Eldorado, but unfortunately Paramount dropped the project due to money issues from Gray’s side. Luckily Gray and Pitt are back in working terms for this supposed spy thriller.