Director’s Edit of Cannibal Holocaust to be Released on Blu-ray

There is definitely no doubt that films like Cannibal Holocaust (1980) are not many any more. Many people of today would actually be glad of this fact considering all the gore, violence, graphic sexual content and even actual slaughter portrayed in the film. Nonetheless now that it is almost 30 years since the film was originally released, the film is all set to be re-released in High Definition on Blu-ray featuring a Director’s Edit version by Shameless Screen Entertainment.

Cannibal Holocaust is an Italian film that in spite of its reputation and ban in Italy, falls under the category of some of the most classic horror movies of all times. Unlike the original version of that film released back in 1980, the real life animal slaughter scenes in the film have either been removed or partially hidden in this upcoming Director’s Edit. This Blu-ray set in fact in the form of a two-disc DVD edition, which includes the uncut original version of the film as well as this new version.

The Cannibal Holocaust Blu-ray is also expected to include a couple of additional special features that include:

Easter Egg

“Film And Be Damned”

Introduction to the original film by director Ruggero Deodato

Introduction to the new Director’s Edit by Ruggero Deodato.

Shameless Trailer Park

Theatrical Trailer

“The Long Road Back From Hell”

The 26th of September has been confirmed as the release date of the Blu-ray version of the film. Audiences must keep in mind that this is not a film for the faint hearted and those with weak stomachs.