The Duo of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin Cast in Upcoming Comedy Film

sWe have seen the duo of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin together in many instances. They were the co-hosts at the Oscars and many of us might have also seen Steve Martin staring in 30 Rock, the series that also stars Alec Baldwin. This time it is director Adam Shankman who has decided to cast the two actors together in an upcoming film.

Previously the 82nd Academy Awards had been produced by Shankman and we had seen how well the show was co-hosted by Martin and Baldwin. The two comedians are now expected to star in the new, upcoming film that will be directed by Adam Shankman. The theme is expected much like classic two-men comedy films such as Grumpy Old Men and Trading Places. It has also been reported by Deadline that the film got its inspiration from surprise appearance by Steve Martin when he interrupted the opening monologue of Alec Baldwin.

After all the performances that we have seen of these two talented actors whether individually or together, it is safe to say that they make quite an amazing comedy duo. For all Martin and Baldwin or admirers of either one of the two actors will definitely be excited about this upcoming film.

As for the film itself, from the looks of it, it is also safe to say that it has been years since a film like this has been developed and produced for the audience. Thus, movie watchers hope this film will be unique and will make them laugh like never before.