Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Blu-ray 3D Review

Ted (Zac Efron) is a 12 year old and he is looking for a tree in order to impress his crush and neighbor Audrey (Taylor Swift). He is told that he must talk to The Once-ler (Ed Helms), as he is the only one who knows how to get a hold of The Lorax (Danny DeVito). What Ted doesn’t know is that he is about to draw the attention of Mr. O’Hare (Rob Reggie) who is feeling threaten by the thought of trees how they can damage his business of selling bottle oxygen. Ted will learn a valuable lesson before being tasked to save the last tree seed.

The Lorax on paper sounded like it would be very entertaining, however, the blatant and heavy conservationist message took away from what could have been a more enjoyable experience. The dazzle and very colorful imagery does a good job in disguising the environmental message, but who knows perhaps this could be used a motivational strategy for the kiddos to conserve the environment. I was disappointed that the film was only aimed for a certain crowd and thats it.

The film was eye candy from beginning to end with a dashing colorful world filled with freakishly happy critters, perfect scenario to tell a story. Not everything about The Lorax is bad, the story introduces a few new characters into the mixed that weren’t in the original book, but fortunately the original message remains intact. The characters are likable and the interaction among them turns into a bunch of silly situations. I will say that some of the music numbers were out of nowhere and sometimes unneeded.

Again, the film is aimed at a younger crowd and by the time the credits being rolling the will probably won’t fully recall the message the filmmakers tried to tell.

The Lorax 3D arrives on Blu-ray with a MPEG4-MVC encode with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. Right from the beginning of the movie you can see just how much eye candy this movie is. There are splashes of bright and vivid colors that just pop out of the screen. Black levels are deep an inky. The animation is simply stunning. The 3D version is exceptional; it features incredible depth in between objects. There are plenty of scenes where the 3D effects were eye popping. There were several scenes with a separation of the objects in the front and background that was just fantastic! I didn’t notice any kind of ghosting or anomalies with the picture, it just simply looks fantastic.

The Lorax arrives on Blu-ray with a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio lossless track. The track is exceptional; the dialogue is clean and clear throughout and doesn’t become overwhelmed by the action on the screen. The track is so well put together that sounds and objects flash trough the speakers and everything sounds crystal clear. There are several musical numbers that just seem to take full advantage of the track and it sounds magnificent. The fronts are excellent, the bass is well balanced, and the rears are constantly active. The Lorax simply sounds great.

Audio commentary – The track features Director Chris Renaud and Kyle Balda discuss everything about the movie. The filmmakers discuss the themes and of course the way they adapted and modified Dr. Seuss’ original story.

Seuss to Screen – The cast and filmmakers discuss the story and how they adapted the work of Dr. Seuss to a CG movie.

O’Hare TV – When enabled, O’Hare commercials will appear during the film.

Expedition of Truffula Valley – Users are able to explore the videos, artwork and more from the world of The Lorax.

Mini-Movies – Three mini movies are included Wagon Ho!, Forces of Nature, and Serenade. These are very short ranging from 2-3 minutes only.

The Making of the Mini-Movies – The filmmakers talk about creating the mini movies and how stories were developed.

Seuss It Up! – Very cool 10-minute piece that shows Mark O’Hare drawing several characters from the movie.

Grow Your Own Truffula Tree – An interactive feature that allows players to plant a tree seed and watch it grow.

Get Out of Town interactive game.

Truffula Run interactive game.

Once-ler’s Wagon interactive game.

“Let It Grow” Sing-Along

Deleted Scenes

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Dr. Seuss The Lorax was amusing and for the most part entertaining, but the conservationist message as well intended as it was, I found it at times very pushy in the way it was delivered. We get it, we need save the trees and fauna. The rest of the production was great from the voice acting to the eye-popping world that was created for the film. The Blu-ray looks amazing whether you watch it on 2D or 3D and it’s accompanied by a great audio track. The Blu-ray is also packed with plenty of supplements to keep the family enjoying The Lorax beyond the credits. The Lorax is a fun filled movie for the kids, so if you have any you shouldn’t think twice on owning it.