The Amazing Spider-Man #700 is out and fans mourn Peter Parker

Since Amazing Fantasy #15, Peter Parker has been a hero protecting the innocent as Spider-man. 50 years later, Peter Parker has fought until his dying breath in The Amazing Spider-Man #700 against a villain that has been trouble from very early in Spidey’s career, Dr. Otto Octavius or Doc Ock. If you don’t want to know what exactly happened to Peter or are waiting to receive this now scarce comic, please skip over the italicized paragraph….you’ve been warned.

So, in an ongoing story arc fighting Doc Ock, Spiderman and Doc Ock have their minds swapped and end up in each others bodies. By the end of the comic, Peter is dead while still inside Ock’s body, and leaving the Doc as the web slinger, whew! He then vows to become a stronger hero without limitations named The Superior Spider-Man and he gets his own series beginning in February.

Fans did not take this well at all. It’s always tough for comic book readers to accept change but this is just so far fetched to not expect some sort of extreme opinions. With some of the major characters that have died and resurrected over the years, I think fans would’ve appreciated something a little more realistic and honest to put such an iconic character to rest. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back from the dead or was buried alive…only time will tell. RIP Peter Parker, you’ll be missed sir.

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