FAN EXPO: A Savaged Interview with Amanda Adrienne (HDN Exclusive)

Amanda Adrienne gave HDN insight on how SAVAGED came to be

Amanda Adrienne gave HDN insight on how her role in SAVAGED came to be.

Flying in from Los Angeles, actress Amanda Adrienne made her convention debut this weekend during Fan Expo Canada in Toronto. There to promote her work in the upcoming horror film SAVAGED, Adrienne took a moment to discuss her new film as well as her past and future work.

“There’s definitely more pressure,” Adrienne said when asked about her transition from an actress in short films and television to that of one in a feature film. “Other than that, it’s really all about just getting excited for a character. It’s kind of the same.”

Considering how SAVAGED is an action-orientated horror film, Adrienne didn’t hold back at all during training. “Initially we shot a trailer back in 2010 to get financing for it and then shot the actual feature in April 2012, so there was nine months there where I was doing Wushu training on my own. These people that I trained with were really impressive athletes. So I did nine months of Wushu and then did five sessions of archery training”

In regards to whether or not she was actively seeking out an action-oriented film, Adrienne described that the role just landed on her plate. “The whole how it even came about was weird because a friend from one of my acting classes forwarded me a Craig’s List casting which I normally don’t respond to because I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that’s going to be porn,’ but I submitted to it and then auditioned a couple times.”

After succumbing to a terrible fate, Adrienne's character Zoe returns for revenge.

After succumbing to a terrible fate, Adrienne’s character Zoe returns for revenge.

Adrienne plays a deaf/mute woman named Zoe in SAVAGED, a role in which demanded a lot of research. “MTV True Life has an episode called ‘I’m Deaf’ so I watched that and then there’s this one episode of a reality show about a whole family that’s deaf. Then I just read a lot of blogs about people online to just kind of really understand how they see it.”

When discussing the difficult subject matter of a rape that appears within SAVAGED and how she approached it, Adrienne explained that you just go into it and do it. “The story is so good that I didn’t feel that it was exploitative or anything. It’s a story; that kind of stuff happens in the real world.”

After detailing how her next project will return her back to her short-film roots, Adrienne admitted that she’d love to return to feature films. She also opened up to give personal advice to actors out there who’re aspiring and/or struggling. “I think that you just have to have a constant belief in yourself. Everyone has their own path in life and artistic field, but you just have to kind of trust that path will be right for you and to keep giving a hundred percent.”

SAVAGED hits the film festival circuit later this year.




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