Jeremy Renner and Tommy Wirkola comment on HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS sequel


HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS was a fun, campy flick that was released last year by Paramount Pictures. The film ended up grossing $170-million internationally, a figure that must’ve made Paramount happy enough to greenlight a sequel.

Word on the sequel has been spreading through the news recently as both writer/director Tommy Wirkola and star Jeremy Renner have commented on the proposed film’s current state. While in Austin, Texas for Fantastic Fest, Wirkola had a chance to talk to site Shock Till You Drop:

I’ve written the script for it. I’ve given it to Paramount and it’s up to them now. But I don’t know what’s going to happen. Jeremy (Renner) is so busy these days, I don’t know how they’re going to juggle all of that, but it’s up to (Paramount). We’ll see. Hopefully, I’ll get to do another film first. They really liked the script I gave them. The first film was a learning curve for me working in the studio system and the script I wrote for the original was so different. We ended up taking a lot out and altering stuff that first time. I’m smarter now. I tried taking what I learned and still delivered a sequel script that’s an R-rated action film.

Apparently Wirkola’s quote got around because site Cinema Blend had a chance to catch up with Renner a day later and he gave his own update:

I don’t have any problem with it. Yeah. It was a lot of fun. It was fun to do that movie and just have a ball. It’s ultimately going to come down to – -I know they (Paramount) have a release date and they really want to get it out there — but I have to have the time. I’m only one man, right? And then also Gemma’s (Arteron) availability. It’ll come down to availability, I’m sure.

HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS was a pleasant surprise for me last year. It brought me back to the good ol’ days of action/horror when you grinned at all of the practical effects and costumes while cringing at the over-abundance of fake blood and gore. I’d love to see a sequel, so I personally hope that Paramount pushes their release date aside and properly waits for the availability of Wirkola, Renner and Arteron. A sequel wouldn’t be the same without them.

What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy the first film?

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