2014 Top 5 Worldwide SteelBook Releases


2014 has been an absolutely stellar year for Blu-ray SteelBook releases and they have been coming from practically every region. This was definitely the year of the slipcover, combining these two collectible groups in perfect harmony. This list is comprised of my top picks for Blu-ray SteelBook releases in 2014:

1. DRIVE from Future Shop with the exclusive Mondo artwork [Canada]
This release of DRIVE from Future Shop in Canada is arguably the most anticipated release this year. It features exclusive artwork from the art aficionados over at Mondo. The coloring is bright, beautiful, and it goes perfectly with their release of the vinyl version of the soundtrack. It also had a clear slipcover to both protect the SteelBook and have the printed info not on the actual SteelBook itself.


Novamedia is the new kid on the block when it comes to exclusive SteelBook releases and they do not disappoint. They took the slipcover and made releases that are beautiful. CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER made my list because the company took inspiration from the end credit artwork and made the slipcovers make the release unique. The solid red, white, and deep black looks awesome. Let’s not forget the lenticular version with the hologram picture. This company gives the collector a nice set of options, so you’re never limited to a single choice.


3. IRON MAN from KimchiDVD [Korea]
KimchiDVD is a Korean media retailer that also has released a lot of amazing SteelBooks with slipcovers and a variety of choices. The Marvel film IRON MAN has been released quite a few times in the SteelBook form in many different countries, but never like this. KimchiDVD had both a lenticular slip and a 1/4 slip and, as I said, they both look awesome. This wasn’t the only time that they wowed us this year, but I’ll get to that in a bit.


4. FROZEN from Blufans [China]
FROZEN is the Disney film that I don’t think anyone had the foresight of how big the movie was going to get. The Chinese retailer released four different versions of the SteelBook and it really met different collectors’ tastes. The coloring and paint finish captures the spirit of the film and shimmers like ice. This is arguably the best version to date of this release.


5. THOR: THE DARK WORLD from KimchiDVD [Korea]
Yes, this is the third Marvel movie on the list, but when KimchiDVD took the challenge of making SteelBooks that really pull in collectors, THOR: THE DARK WORLD was one of their heaviest hitters. Between the slipcover and the art-cards, this was perfectly made for this release. It makes sure to include awesome extras in the case, but also makes sure that the SteelBook is the star.


Runners Up:

These are a few that should have had no issues making it in to a top 10 list, but this was only five SteelBooks long. These are the scrappy contenders:

Sony POPART SteelBooks
The entire line of POPART Steelbooks that were released by both Future Shop in Canada and Best Buy in the USA were phenomenal releases. Some of the releases include DISTRICT 9, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL, TAXI DRIVER, DRIVE, and more. Their only drawback was the lack of artwork inside of the case.



The artwork on this release hooked me. It has a comic book feel to it and a little like a military propaganda flyer to convey that these are kids training to kill an entire species. The one thing I think may have been better is if it reflected the different teams that the trainees were in.


LONE SURVIVOR from Future Shop [Canada]
This release is what pulled me back in to the game of buying the Future Shop releases. It’s so simple with complexity with its bullet-ridden ammo box. It’s such a clean release and the OD green looks great. If you have the opportunity to buy this sometime, don’t pass it up.

And that about wraps it up. What would have made the list for you? Comment and let me know!

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