DREDD 3D Mondo Blu-ray SteelBook Announced


Fresh off the heels of the last Mondo X SteelBook announcement of PAN’S LABYRINTH is DREDD 3D, once more with art from Jock. Jock is unique in his style and that artistic style transcends boundaries the world over. An extremely popular artist in his own right, he’s definitely one you should check out if you aren’t aware of his work. DREDD 3D stars Karl Urban and Lena Headey in what is an action-packed popcorn flick that’s an entertaining thrill ride!

The DREDD 3D Mondo SteelBook is exclusive to Best Buy Canada and has a high-gloss finish with elements of satin finish on the case. It’s another high-end quality edition that collectors don’t want to miss out on! Just look at the inside pics for the design unison and you can see how special this edition really is!

As always, all the data about the movie that you don’t want on the SteelBook case is in fact printed on a clear plastic sleeve that slides over. Problem solved!

To find out even more about this title, how to obtain it if not living in Canada, or just to join the feverish discussion, then check out the Hi-Def Ninja Community Forums.

Purchase Here if you live in Canada (Best Buy)

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