There is a new book available from the Put Me In the Story line.  The title is THE AVENGERS: BLACK OPS FIELD GUIDE and what they are doing here is genius.  The book acts as a learning guide for most of the characters in either The Avengers or Marvel comic universe.  With Put Me In the Story, the reader can personalize the book to the owner with a S.H.I.E.L.D. ID and the reader’s name is throughout the book.  When you order the book from, you enter the name of the recipient with a photo and they take care of the rest. 

As for the book itself, their suggested age range is between 4-10+ and it is an activity book.  When going through it, I found that it would be fun to explore the characters inside with your child, niece or nephew, or even if there is a sibling.  

For the purposes of this review, I’m going to use Thor as an example.  There are full color images of each character in each section.  On one page, the stats, profile and even a short version of their back story is listed.  The guide even shows a voice sample for the character and simulates as if this was being done on a tablet or computer.  On the opposite page, this is where the activity portion comes in.  The book asks the reader to form their own opinion of the team member by filling out power sets, who they could defeat out of a list of enemies and heroes, and even how that hero can be defeated.  At the bottom of these pages is a coded password that you have to use the decoder from the front of the book to enter the password on the page.

I’ll be honest, there are a lot of ways that the book appealed to a person my age with my name and uploaded photo all over the book.  I’m impressed with the layout, activities and information on the characters. I highly recommend this book for any child interested in comics, I know that my niece or nephew would love to have this book.

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