THE POLAR EXPRESS print coming from Dark Hall Mansion

Dark Hall Mansion has one more Holiday surprise for their collectors and it comes in the form of a new print based off of Robert Zemeckis’ Christmas classic, THE POLAR EXPRESS (based on Chris Van Allsburg’s children’s book).

With art by Nicolas Delort, this THE POLAR EXPRESS print will be available in four variations — a standard edition, a variant edition, a foil edition based off of the standard artwork, and a foil edition based off of the variant artwork.

Nicolas Delort “The Polar Express” Standard 22″ x 28″ Edition of 280 – $65

Nicolas Delort “The Polar Express” Foil 22″ x 28″ Edition of 15 (based on the Std edition colorway) – $150

Polar Express STD

Nicolas Delort “The Polar Express” Variant  22″ x 28″ Edition of 65 – $100

Nicolas Delort “The Polar Express” Foil 22″ x 28″ Edition of 15 (based on the Variant edition colorway) – $150

Polar Express VAR

All prints will measure 22″ x 28″.

Dark Hall Mansion’s full press release regarding this drop:

Dark Hall Mansion in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products is pleased to release a very special holiday treat, officially licensed limited edition “The Polar Express” prints by leading contemporary artist, Nicolas Delort. Nicolas’ masterful use of scale and wonder brings this gorgeous film to life once again by taking the viewer on this unforgettable train ride! Board “The Polar Express,” grab your hot chocolate (“Hot, hot, yeah we got it!!”) and enjoy the Northern Lights as you’re swept away to the North Pole where the most gorgeous Christmas tree welcomes you to the next stop on your journey—to meet Santa!!


DHM is proud to again welcome back artist Nicolas Delort whose beautiful print incorporates so many of the elements that make the “The Polar Express” such a singular and magical film with a message that is timeless, perhaps more so now than ever—if you just believe. From his composition, lighting, and nods, such as a certain rooftop rider and wafting golden ticket, Nicolas brings home “The Polar Express” with elegance, beauty, but above all, the emotion of the season.?? Please see details on all editions via Dark Hall Mansion’s Facebook page and on DHM’s blog.


All Nicolas Delort “The Polar Express” editions are officially licensed by Warner Bros. Consumer Products, as well as numbered, and screen printed.

The print and all of its variations will go on sale at Dark Hall Mansion’s online store tomorrow, December 18th at 9:30 AM PST. Expect delivery in early February 2016. All sales are final.

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