[Toy Fair 2016] Lego photo gallery

My first, very early, stop at the NY Toy Fair was the Lego exclusive preview party. Lego was kind enough to invite Hi-Def Ninja into their booth to show off their 2016 sets and what else can I say other than wow! From Star Wars to Nexo Knights and Ninjago through DC, Marvel, Ideas, Elves, Minecraft, and more, there were plenty of sets.

Star Wars was literally front and center at the Lego booth being the first property encountered upon entering the booth and it certainly did not disappoint. Set included some more THE FORCE AWAKENS sets including a standard colored X-Wing and Rey’s encounter on Jakku, to original trilogy sets such as the Carbon-Freezing Chamber and the Droid Escape Pod. STAR WARS REBELS had a nice showing including Vader’s Tie fighter and Captain Rex’s AT-ET.

DSC00068 DSC00083 DSC00082 DSC00080 DSC00078 DSC00077 DSC00075 DSC00073 DSC00072 DSC00070 DSC00132 DSC00133 DSC00063 DSC00064 DSC00067 DSC00061 DSC00060
And if Star Wars is not your thing, there were plenty other properties.

Following up from my article earlier this week, here are some more actual Ninjago set photos…
DSC00140 DSC00138 DSC00097 DSC00096 DSC00095 DSC00093 DSC00092 DSC00091 DSC00090 DSC00089 DSC00088 DSC00087

Nexo Sets…

DSC00086  DSC00084




DC Super Heroes…

DSC00111 DSC00109  DSC00106 DSC00105


Marvel Super Heroes…

DSC00145 DSC00147 DSC00149 DSC00150


DSC00104  DSC00098 DSC00099 DSC00100 DSC00101 DSC00102


As well as a Batman 1966 Batcave including the mansion room, the new Ghostbusters Ecto-1, a Dr. Who set, and others…

DSC00123 DSC00122


DSC00119 DSC00120



But since Star Wars is your thing, they released a massive Assault on Hoth Set, which included a wompa and upside down Luke, Han with a tauntaun, and a Snowspeeder.

DSC00127  DSC00125


Two notes: be on the lookout for a new ideas Maze set that actually tilts and twists to navigate a ball through the maze — and there was even a tease for a new Star Wars property set between EPISODE 5 and 6 called the Freemaker Adventures. Stay tuned for more information to follow on both of these.

My overall take, I am personally eyeing that Eclipse Fighter set releasing in June!


Oh, and here are some full size Lego Star Wars characters.


Thanks again to Lego for hosting Hi-Def Ninja at the NY Toy Fair!

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