[Toy Fair 2016] Hasbro photo gallery

Finally, for tonight, I leave you with Hasbro, folks. At Toy Fair, Hasbro unveiled some very nice figures in their Transformers, Marvel, Star Wars, and yes, even My Little Pony, lines.

So to jump right in, there is really only one thing to say about Transformers this year. Holy wow! Titan Class all the way with the biggest, baddest of them all, Fortress Maximus who is standing just above the original Fort Max and the recent Metroplex! This year will also focus on Titan Masters. Similar to Headmasters, the Titan Masters are interchangeable smaller transforming figures that ‘control’ the body. Many, many new figures are set for release in 2016. My personal favorites include the Cylconus, Sweeps, and Scourge triple pack, and the Hot Rod and Wreck-Gar double pack. Along with Blur and Chromedome, Wreck-Gar was in my top three of what I saw.

DSC00229 DSC00288 DSC00289 DSC00290 DSC00237 DSC00241 DSC00240 DSC00246 DSC00247 DSC00248 DSC00249 DSC00250 DSC00251 DSC00252 DSC00244 DSC00242 DSC00231 DSC00228 DSC00239 DSC00238 DSC00243 DSC00234 DSC00232

Moving over to Star Wars, we have a bunch of new Black Series Figures including a new REBELS Sabine with Season 1 hair and Knights of the Old Republic Revan. For all you SDCC collectors out there, beware of some ROGUE ONE figures around that time. Squee!

DSC00284 DSC00285 DSC00286 DSC00287 DSC00278 DSC00279 DSC00280 DSC00281 DSC00282 DSC00283

Finally, Hasbro did not disappoint in the Marvel figures line showcasing new figures from the CIVIL WAR movie to DOCTOR STRANGE and everything in-between.

DSC00267 DSC00268 DSC00269 DSC00270 DSC00271 DSC00272 DSC00273 DSC00274 DSC00275 DSC00276 DSC00277 DSC00254 DSC00255 DSC00256 DSC00257 DSC00261 DSC00262 DSC00263 DSC00264 DSC00265 DSC00266

What I found most interesting is the new line of cosplay props they are releasing for adult cosplayers, starting with a very shiny realistic Captain America shield as well as an Iron Man helmet that includes light-up eyes and a removable faceplate that can be attached via magnets in an open position. If you are serious about your cosplay, these are the items you are looking for. I did ask about the possibility of future releases and Hasbro is optimistic with possibilities including battle-damaged versions, villains, and because this is the figure space and licensing is different, they can in fact branch out and do X-Men, Spider-Man, etc.

DSC00258 DSC00260 DSC00259

Both are actually available for pre-order now for $99.95. Marvel Legends Captain America Shield can be bought here and Marvel Legends Electronic Iron Man Helmet can be bought here, though you will be waiting until September to finally receive them.

Again, a big thank you to Hasbro for inviting Hi-Def Ninja into their showroom and allowing us to see their newest offerings!

Stay tuned for some more coverage from the Toy Fair from both myself (Mattel, McFarlane, Diamond, cryptozoic, and Asmodee) and Michael Madison who will be covering Funko, Kotobukiya, and others!

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