[Toy Fair 2016] Mattel 2016 Collector Preview Event

Toy Fair Day 2 is here and Hi-Def Ninja is continuing its coverage of this amazing show with you guys at the complete expense of my weekend sleep and workout schedule. But it’s all good – I do this for you.

So let’s get into one of our big events. The Mattel 2016 Collector Preview showcased new products from DC including new SUICIDE SQUAD figures and BATMAN V SUPERMAN figures, and new Mega Bloks sets from Halo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Destiny. We also have some nice photos of new Hot Wheels, THUNDERCATS Classics, HE-MAN Classics, and more. Mattel was great enough to let us in to the Collector Preview.

To start, we have new products from DC including brand new SUICIDE SQUAD figures which were revealed at the show as well as larger figures and DC Super Hero Girls figures.

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In the Mega Bloks line there were some very nice sets including a Halo set, a really nice Destiny ship set, and a massive Mega TMNT Technodrome. The Technodrome was just a huge, very detailed set bringing back my childhood memories of the original toy, but in an even better building set form. Also featured was a new series of building sets called Kubros featuring block figures from popular media like ALIENS, MINIONS, Halo, STAR TREK, and HE-MAN, to name a few.

DSC00613 DSC00615 DSC00614 DSC00621 DSC00622 DSC00623 DSC00624 11 DSC00617 DSC00618 DSC00619 DSC00620 6 DSC00673 DSC00672DSC00674 DSC00671 DSC00670 DSC00669

In the Classics line, Mattel is offering some really neat figures from both THUNDERCATS and MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. These figures are clearly marketed to the adult collector being priced at $27 each featuring a much more detailed look and premium packaging which I feel adds to the overall aesthetic — a definite trend I noticed at various companies throughout the Toy Fair.

8 DSC00643 DSC00642 DSC00652 DSC00651 DSC00645 DSC00644 7 DSC00655 DSC00654 DSC00653 DSC00650 DSC00649 DSC00657 DSC00656 DSC00659 DSC00658

Also featured were new Hot Wheels, GHOSTBUSTERS, Monster High, WWE, WWE Zombies, and Halo.

DSC00627 DSC00626 DSC00628 1 DSC00667 DSC00668 DSC00666 DSC00608 DSC00665 DSC00664 DSC00607 DSC00663 DSC00660 DSC00605 DSC00606 12 DSC00641 DSC00639 10 9 DSC00633 DSC00632 DSC00631 DSC00630 DSC00629 DSC00636 DSC00634 DSC00635 DSC00638 DSC00637

Thanks again of course go to the amazing people at Mattel for letting Hi-Def Ninja into their event and sharing their products with our members.

Oh, and for those wondering, it was held in a bar in Manhattan and drinks were on the house, to which yours truly imbibed the Harley-themed drink (pictured) and the Slimer-themed drink. Cheers!


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