[Toy Fair 2016] McFarlane photo recap

Up now, McFarlane Toys. Hi-Def Ninja was able to get into the McFarlane booth at this year’s Toy Fair and preview their new products.

This year, unlike previous years, McFarlane had a private booth and photography was not allowed in the private area due to design and licensing issues.

In the public area, McFarlane did showcase continued releases in their sports, Assassin’s Creed, Game of Thrones building set lines, The Walking Dead Special Edition packaging, and both a Negan and Daryl large resin.

DSC00184 DSC00188 DSC00185 DSC00187 DSC00189 DSC00191 DSC00195 DSC00190 DSC00186 DSC00194 DSC00193 DSC00192

Behind the curtain we were shown many new figures in The Walking Dead and Assassin’s Creed product lines as well as new licenses with Attack on Titan, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, and Titanfall 2. Because some of the design are not final, I unfortunately do not have pictures, but be on the lookout for official releases soon. New building sets shown included the Five Nights at Freddy’s sets (announced late last week) and a new Game of Thrones Daenerys set.

Two notes: there’s a new product they are working on that they are calling Mini Big Heads which are the size of the construction sets figures, but with larger heads (think Funko) which come in an open bubble, stackable display case. Series can be across multiple properties. Second are new packaging on the figures which moves away from blister packing, a larger trend in the collectible community at Toy Fair 2016, that features a streamlined look across different properties and a color coded label across the top identifying the series.

I will say the Titanfall Titan is something to be owned.

Thanks always go to the amazing crew at McFarlane for inviting Hi-Def Ninja into their booth and, of course, join the forums as we may or may not occasionally get a response direct from the source.

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