TTPM Spring 2016 Show

20160428_093737Today I bring to you a report from the Toys, Tots, Pets, & More (ttpm) Spring 2016 show. Hi-Def Ninja was there checking out this summer’s hottest toys from many brands including Hasbro, Lego, Spin Masters, WWE, Mattel, nickelodeon, Playmates, and more.

While many of the toys were showcased at the Toy Fair held earlier this year at the Javits Center, the ttpm did announce during their press conference their picks for the most wanted toys broken into three categories: Movies, Hot Brands, and Outdoors. I’ll be focusing on the first two, but certainly you will see products from everything below.

DSC01378TTPM’s Most Wanted Movie Toys

DSC01349BATMAN V SUPERMAN – Batman Mask with voice changer


Hasbro Iron Man Slide Blast Armor and Captain America Shield


Playmates Technodrome

DSC01359 DSC01356Jakks Pacific – TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES XPV R/C Skateboarding



DSC01362 DSC01363 TTPM’s Hot Brands



DSC01381 DSC01380Most of what was on display I previously covered at the Toy Fair, but what fun would it be if I just told you to check out those articles? Instead, here’s some photos from top brands that were at the show.

Hasbro: Featuring Nerf, Star Wars, Transformers, and CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

DSC01382 DSC01383 DSC01384 DSC01385 DSC01386 DSC01389 DSC01388 DSC01387Lego: Featuring Pixar minifigures, Architecture, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, STAR WARS, Minecraft

DSC01390 DSC01391 DSC01392 DSC01393 DSC01395 DSC01396 DSC01397 DSC01399 DSC01400Mattel: mainly featuring Hot Wheels.

DSC01454 DSC01402 DSC01405 DSC01407 DSC01408 DSC01411 20160428_124028 DSC01414 DSC01415 DSC01455 DSC01458 IMG_20160428_103131WWE

DSC01417 DSC01418 DSC01419 DSC01420 DSC01422 DSC01423And yes, I think I could wrestle…

20160428_104722Oh, and one more with me and The New Day.

20160428_104239Oh, what the heck… one more of The New Day playing with Zing Toys Wet Head.

20160428_123015Universal: Featuring THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS.

DSC01425 DSC01440 DSC01441 DSC01426 20160428_120650Playmates: Featuring TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: OUT OF THE SHADOWS.

20160428_120934 DSC01443 DSC01444 DSC01445 DSC01446nickelodeon: Featuring TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: OUT OF THE SHADOWS.

DSC01447 DSC01448 DSC01449 DSC01450 DSC01452Super Impulse (SI), while not a brand I would normally cover, have some really cool officially branded world’s smallest toys including Magic 8 Ball, Rubik’s Cube, Polaroid, Etch-A-Sketch, and Sock Monkey. They also have a line of rubber band guns, Precision RBS.

20160428_120458 DSC01438 DSC01439 DSC01437 20160428_120351As I reported earlier this week, today was National Super Hero Day, so Hasbro brought their Marvel Heroes Bus — letting you choose your side.

#TeamIronMan for me!

DSC01427 DSC01429 DSC01430 DSC01431 DSC01432 DSC01433 DSC01435 20160428_114600 image951Before you ask I did ask about Comic Con Exclusives at most booths, however all booths not quite ready to reveal that information. I tried I tried.

Oh, and here is a picture of another dog dressed as Wonder Woman (ttpm Paw of Excellence Award Winner).

DSC01347Hope you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve seen and feel free to sound off below if anything is on your list for the summer.

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