BATMAN RETURNS licensed prints releasing next week from DHM

Dark Hall Mansion (DHM) has announced limited edition BATMAN RETURNS prints by artist Yuko Shimizu. The new prints, under license from Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment, will be released with multiple variations — a standard edition, variant ‘Catwoman’ edition, and two foil editions… all to be strictly limited, hand numbered, and screen printed.

“Batman Returns” Standard Edition of 225 – $65

Batman Returns 1

“Batman Returns” Variant “Catwoman” Edition of 125 – $100

Batman Returns 2


The two foil editions — limited to 15 each; one based on the standard colorway and the other on the ‘Catwoman’ variant colorway  — will cost $150 each.

All prints measure 24″ x 36″.

DHM’s full press release regarding this drop:

Dark Hall Mansion is so very pleased to welcome leading contemporary artist, Yuko Shimizu, on for DHM’s latest officially licensed limited edition print release, “Batman Returns,” in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Entertainment and available this comingTuesday, May 31st!


Dark Hall Mansion has had this project in development with Yuko for quite some time so it’s most gratifying to finally be able to share her unique vision with fans. From the varied Batman films DHM offered it was “Batman Returns” that most appealed to Yuko as illustrator along with colleague, Claudia de Almeida, on as designer. Yuko’s two striking individual prints offer a standard edition piece reflecting not only Gotham’s protagonists but its topsy-turvy, almost surreal world, along with Yuko’s striking variant edition which finds her favorite character from the film, “Catwoman,” surrounded by feline companions and a reference or two to characters fans will instantly recognize. Yuko’s meticulously detailed and highly stylized illustrations well compliment Claudia’s layout and logo design in creating two prints those same fans won’t soon forget. In addition to DHM’s “Batman Returns” standard and variant edition prints are two select foil editions where the foil substrate reveals itself within various areas of each print creating a select, dynamic, and reflective edition.


Check out and follow Dark Hall Mansion’s InstagramWe’ll be giving away one of each DHM Yuko Shimizu “Batman Returns” editions as well as sharing special process images from Yuko!


Artist Yuko Shimizu in her studio

Artist Yuko Shimizu in her studio

Yuko's development work on "Batman Returns"

Yuko’s development work on “Batman Returns”

Closeup of Yuko Shimizu's detail work

Closeup of Yuko Shimizu’s detail work

Detail closeup: Batman

Detail closeup: Batman

Detail closeup: Catwoman

Detail closeup: Catwoman


Yuko Shimizu original “Catwoman” Variant edition artwork

The two prints and all variations go on sale Tuesday, May 31st at 12:30pm PST at Dark Hall Mansion’s online store. All sales are final.

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