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This past weekend, ReedPop put on their 11th New York Comic Con at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, a celebration of all things pop culture and bringing together a wide range of panels, exhibitors, celebrities, and cosplay.

This year saw some of the biggest exhibitors from Adult Swim and TBS to Warner Bros, DC, Marvel, and Lego. Not to be outdone, many smaller booths brought just as much if not more oomph to the show floor. Below, along with some descriptions, are some of the exhibitors that attended the show.

DC Entertainment Booth featuring costumes from the upcoming WONDER WOMAN movie

dsc03068 dsc03069 dsc03070 dsc03071 dsc03072 dsc03073Warner Bros Entertainment was promoting FANTASTIC BEASTS with a wand spell casting station, face swap, and authentic costumes from the movie

dsc03121 dsc03115 dsc03117 dsc03118 dsc03119 dsc03120Lego revealed a bunch of DC Super Hero Girls sets, had some amazing figures and did a large-scale LEGO BATMAN MOVIE build-along with a DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl minifigure giveaway

dsc03046 dsc03047 dsc03048 dsc03049 dsc03051 dsc03052 dsc03053 dsc03054 dsc03056 dsc03057 dsc03058 dsc03059 Mattel was also there promoting their Mega Bloks line with TMNT, Kubros, and Destiny

dsc03280 dsc03283 dsc03284 dsc03285 dsc03275 dsc03276 dsc03277 dsc03278 dsc03279 dsc03074Dark Horse had a huge comic con with a big booth presence, lots of panels, exclusives, and signings including Frank Miller! https://www.darkhorse.com/ dsc03261 dsc03252 dsc03254 dsc03253 dsc03262 dsc03256 dsc03255 dsc03257 dsc03258 dsc03259 dsc03260Mezco was also at the show with an array of one:12 collective figures, living legends dolls, and other exclusives. http://www.mezcotoyz.com/dsc03122dsc03128dsc03130dsc03131dsc03132dsc03126dsc03123dsc03124dsc03125dsc03127Our friends at Hallmark’s Popminded brought an array of exclusives http://explore.hallmark.com/pop-culture-shop/

dsc03134 dsc03133For the second year, Sideshow was at NYCC with Star Wars, Court of The Dead, Batman, and two insane Venom and Carnage figures.

dsc03098 dsc03099 dsc03102 dsc03101 dsc03103 dsc03104 dsc03106 dsc03107 dsc03108 dsc03110 dsc03111 dsc03096 dsc03091 dsc03092 dsc03095 dsc03082 dsc03089 dsc03084 dsc03085 dsc03087 dsc03088 dsc03112 dsc03114 dsc03113Luc Besson was at New York Comic Con promoting his new movie VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS coming out in 2017 dsc03163 dsc03165 dsc03164 dsc03168 dsc03166 dsc03167 dsc03173Toynami had a bunch of collectibles including Voltron and Godzilla

dsc03355 dsc03356 dsc03357 dsc03358 dsc03359 dsc03360 dsc03354 dsc03353 dsc03351 dsc03352 dsc03350Eaglemoss had a sizeable collection of collectibles. https://www.eaglemoss.com/en-us/

dsc03368 dsc03363 dsc03367 dsc03366 dsc03362 dsc03361 dsc03364 dsc03365 dsc03370 dsc03371RockLove Jewelry had some quality pieces in the Block. http://www.rocklove.com/

dsc03149 dsc03150 dsc03151 dsc03152 dsc03153 dsc03154Boundless Brooklyn
DIY Billboard, Halfpipe, Lifeguard Tower, Lighthouse, Mailbox & Water Tower model kits. Made in N.Y.C., U.S.A. from 100% recycled and customizable material. https://www.boundlessbrooklyn.com/

dsc03148 dsc03144 dsc03145 dsc03146 dsc03147There was also no shortage of Art Print Exhibitors featuring some amazing artwork from a host of talented artists.

Bottleneck Gallery had no shortage of amazing prints with hours-long lines throughout the weekend with many artists including Ise Ananphada, Olly Moss, Jock, Raid71, Matt Ferguson, Laurent Durieux, Alice X. Zhang, and David Welker. With a lineup like that, Bottleneck dropped the mic on NYCC. https://bottleneckgallery.com/

dsc03062 dsc03061 dsc03380 dsc03060Hero Complex Gallery also had an exceptional booth this year with releases from Barret Chapman, Marko Manev, Robert Bruno, Patrick Connan, and a beautiful Harry Potter by Kevin Wilson  https://hcgart.com/

dsc03140 dsc03141 dsc03142 dsc03143Grey Matter Art had a bunch of Marvel releases as well as a beautiful There Will Be Blood and an Ant-Man https://greymatterart.com/

dsc03343 dsc03344Spoke Art had some amazing art as well and just opened a new gallery in NYC expect some great releases from them coming up! http://spoke-art.com/dsc03160 dsc03155 dsc03156 dsc03157 dsc03158 dsc03159Various images from the floor!

dsc03348 dsc03571 dsc03064 dsc03065 dsc03434 dsc03066 dsc03137 dsc03138 dsc03180 dsc03601

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