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ixIX Arts, an art show celebrating imaginative realism, recently held its 9th show from October 19-23. Having outgrown its former spaces in the Altoona Heritage Discovery Center and the Allentown Art Museum the show packed up its bags and moved to its new location in Reading, PA the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts.

Unlike normal conventions IX is very low key. It is an exhibition dedicated solely to imaginative realism. It showcases anything in the realm of the fantastic from top artists with artwork on display and for sale. The show brings together artists, students, collectors, and fans for four full days of demos, lectures, workshops, round tables, and fun.

Form the IX Arts Website:

The aim and hope in all programming at IX is that all who participate leave inspired, that discussions and other efforts begin, and that the effects of the experience help artists, students, and attendees grow in love and appreciation for the art in this discipline of the art of the fantastic—recognizing their own unique roles in keeping it alive and preserving it for the future.

The IX exhibition is split into two parts; the Main Show which is comprised of artists who are juried into the show and the Showcase. The Main Show featured over 80 artists and took up 4 floors of the Goggleworks building. Whereas the showcase, a free to attend event held over Friday and Saturday nights of the show, featured over 130 equally talented artists. While not juried the Showcase is arguably as popular as the Main show with tables selling out in under one minute for the past three years.

Images of the showcase and Saturday night Halloween costume contest, this part of the exhibit is in the Double Tree Exhibit hall, so is a bit more cramped. That said the full show used to feel this cramped:

dsc03701 dsc03700 dsc03742 dsc03741One of the things I appreciate most about the show is the Showcase. While the Main Show has a ticket price which gets you into the exhibit as well as demos, lectures, and round tables, the Showcase is free to attend. This in my opinion gives back to the community and lets people not familiar with the genre dip their feet into the water and learn a bit more without having to spend money on something that is unknown to them. No matter which part of the show you experience there is no shortage of talent and having been an attendee for the last seven years I can say I have seen artists switch between the Main Show and the Showcase with no real difference in the quality of work.

A large part of what makes IX great, including the Showcase are the owners Jeannie and Pat Wilshire. Not only do they run a very well attended and liked show, they are very approachable and are very much collectors themselves.

Take a look below at some of the amazing artwork by leading artists in the field of Imaginative realism, remember there are over 200 artists at the show and this is by no means the top or best artists but rather a sample of the range of art and talent at the show. More so than any other year IX Arts featured a significant amount more sculpture art. Also be sure to check out the IX Website to learn more!

Hope to see you there in 2017!

Greg Hildebrandt

dsc03707 dsc03708Jeff Easley

dsc03710Linda Adair

dsc03729 dsc03728Eric Velhagen

dsc03712 dsc03713Rhonda Libbey

dsc03759 dsc03760

Marc Potts

dsc03724 dsc03723Ralph Horsley

dsc03727Rick Berry

dsc03736 dsc03737Alex Stone

dsc03749 dsc03748Micah Epstein

dsc03752Rebecca Solow

dsc03756 dsc03755Shelley Laband

dsc03761John Kayrouz

dsc03763David Seidman

dsc03767 dsc03765 dsc03766Lauren K. Cannon

dsc03773 dsc03769Gary A. Lippincott

dsc03774 dsc03775Sybiline

20161023_140837Rich Klink

dsc03706 dsc03703 dsc03704James Herrmann

dsc03730 dsc03732 dsc03734 dsc03735Mostly Fantasy – Displays of Character

dsc03743 dsc03746Dug Stanat

dsc03719 dsc03717 dsc03716 dsc03715 dsc03720

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