STAR TREK BEYOND Exclusive Blu-ray SteelBook Showcase


Star Trek Beyond is released on UK Blu-ray this coming Monday 21st November, 2016. Our friends over at are releasing their next Blu-ray SteelBook exclusive of the third film in the new Star Trek movie series.

Thanks for checking out this article, where I am pleased to be able to show off some exclusive SteelBook shots, just for you guys so you know what you’re either missing out on, or what you’ll soon be receiving in the post!

As you can see, the SteelBook comes sealed with the J-card actually over the SteelBook and exclusive lenticular magnet, showing that have taken a little time and consideration on the best way to package it.

Open up this beauty and you’ll reveal the full lenticular magnet, which is vivid in colour and shows a very good level of depth to it.

Taking off the lenticular magnet reveals the UK SteelBook. As you can see in the pictures, we have the debossed border with an embossed title, which is also spot gloss. The SteelBook itself is a Matte finish.

Inside we have 3D and 2D Blu-ray discs, as well as Digital HD UV code to redeem.

Overall I really like this SteelBook and the guys over at should be really pleased with adding the additional lenticular magnet, making this one of their exclusives. For me, this is the best release of the movie so far and I’m already looking forward to their next exclusive!

If you have any questions about the SteelBook or discs, please ask away and I will answer where I can. Be sure to join our forums and chat about this release HERE and many more! It’s free to do so and a great community!

Pre-order your copy of Star Trek Beyond directly from If you live outside the UK/EU, you can always join our FREE Group Buy on the forum too.


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