[Toy Fair 2017] Lego Toy Fair Preview Party

The first stop at the 2017 New York Toy Fair was the Lego exclusive preview party. Lego invited Hi-Def Ninja into their booth to show off their upcoming 2017 sets including Star Wars, Ninjago, DC, Lego Batman Movie, Marvel, Ideas, Minecraft, Brick Headz, Boost, and more. They even revealed a massive Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary set.

DSC04935Lots to cover below, so let’s dive right in and showcase some of the amazing sets that were on display at Day 1 of the 2017 Toy Fair.


Continuing the sets from the series, the Ninjago featured an assortment of sets, but the real prize was the Dragon’s Forge set which featured a Two-Headed Red and Blue Dragon.

Desert Lightning
DSC04442 DSC04441Destiny’s ShadowDSC04443 DSC04444 DSC04446Vermillion InvaderDSC04449 DSC04447 DSC04450Samurai VXL
DSC04453 DSC04451 DSC04452DSC04454Dawn of Iron Doom
DSC04456 DSC04457 DSC04459 DSC04460 DSC04461Dragon’s Forge
DSC04463 DSC04464 DSC04465 DSC04466 DSC04467 DSC04468Boost – Build Code Play
These sets allow you to control functions through the App, such as actually playing music with the guitar.
DSC04500 DSC04496 DSC04497 DSC04499 DSC04501Dimensions
DSC04521 DSC04520 DSC04523 DSC04522 DSC04524 DSC04525 DSC04526 DSC04527 DSC04529 DSC04528Lego Ideas
These sets are fan ideas that then get voted on and if popular enough, become sets!
DSC04489 DSC04486 DSC04487 DSC04490 DSC04491 DSC04492 DSC04495 DSC04493Minecraft

The Waterfall BaseDSC04505 DSC04503 DSC04504The Ocean Monument
DSC04510 DSC04511 DSC04509The Ice Spikes
DSC04513 DSC04514The Witch Hut
DSC04515 DSC04516The Nether Way
DSC04519 DSC04518Brick Headz
DSC04202 DSC04203 DSC04206 DSC04207 DSC04204Marvel Super Heroes
I really enjoy the build of the Milano ship and it comes with a Baby Groot; can’t get better than that

Spider-Man Homecoming
ATM Heist Battle
DSC04254 DSC04256Beware the Vulture
DSC04258 DSC04259 DSC04261 DSC04263Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
The Milano vs. The Abilisk
DSC04264 DSC04266 DSC04267 DSC04268 DSC04265Ravager Attack
DSC04269 DSC04271 DSC04270Ayesha’s Revenge
DSC04273 DSC04275 DSC04279 DSC04278 DSC04274 DSC04277 DSC04276Avengers Captain America Jet Pursuit
DSC04280 DSC04281 DSC04283Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes
DSC04284 DSC04285 DSC04286 DSC04287Hulk vs. Red Hulk
DSC04288 DSC04289Mighty Micros
DSC04290 DSC04292 DSC04293 DSC04297 DSC04295 DSC04296DC Super Hero Girls
Batgirl Batjet Chase
DSC04216 DSC04215 DSC04213Harley Quinn to the Rescue
DSC04217 DSC04218 DSC04219 DSC04220Super Hero High School
DSC04221 DSC04222 DSC04224 DSC04226Lashina TankDSC04229 DSC04227Bumblebee Helicopter
DSC04233 DSC04231 DSC04232Harley Quinn Dorm
DSC04236 DSC04234 DSC04235Wonder Woman Dorm
DSC04240 DSC04238 DSC04239Batgirl Secret Bunker
DSC04241 DSC04243 DSC04242Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory
DSC04245 DSC04246 DSC04247 DSC04248Eclipso Dark Palace
DSC04253 DSC04249 DSC04250 DSC04251 DSC04252Lego Batman Movie

DSC04209The Joker Notorious Lowrider
DSC04302 DSC04303 DSC04304The Riddler Riddle Racer
DSC04324 DSC04325 DSC04329

Clayface Splat Attack
DSC04326 DSC04328

The Batmobile
DSC04305 DSC04306 DSC04307 DSC04308 DSC04309 DSC04310The Ultimate Batmobile
DSC04369 DSC04361 DSC04362 DSC04366 DSC04367The Batwing
I love how this forms the Bat Symbol from above.
DSC04355 DSC04356 DSC04358 DSC04359If you’ve gotten this far down this, you’ve earned the right to see these next sets. So HERE WE GO!

Star Wars
DSC04412 DSC04413 DSC04414 DSC04416 DSC04415 DSC04419 DSC04418 DSC04422 DSC04421 DSC04425 DSC04424 DSC04423Rebel Trooper Battle PackDSC04427 DSC04426Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter
DSC04371 DSC04372Duel on Naboo
DSC04374 DSC04375 DSC04376Jakku Quadjumper
DSC04378 DSC04379 DSC04381 DSC04380Rathtar Espcape
DSC04385 DSC04382 DSC04383The Phantom (love that this set comes with a Thrawn)
DSC04387 DSC04388 DSC04391 DSC04390Tracker 1
DSC04392 DSC04396 DSC04393 DSC04394 DSC04395The Arrowhead – Mike’s Favorite Pick
DSC04397 DSC04400 DSC04401 DSC04399 DSC04402
First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack
DSC04404 DSC04402Republic Fighter Tank
DSC04407 DSC04406 DSC04405Darth Vader Transformation
This will be an instant classic set as it features an iconic scene from Episode III.
DSC04408 DSC04409 DSC04410 DSC04411Battle on Scarif
DSC04428 DSC04431 DSC04430Y-Wing Starfighter
DSC04432 DSC04435 DSC04436 DSC04437 DSC04438 DSC04434 DSC04433Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary
Last but not least, Lego debuted a massive (over 2200 Piece) Pirates of the Caribbean themed ship. The Silent Mary comes with a slew of minifigs and features. Also released with this line were PotC Brick Headz.
DSC04474 DSC04476 DSC04477 DSC04478 DSC04479 DSC04480 DSC04481 DSC04482 DSC04483 DSC04484 DSC04485 DSC04472

Sets that I am looking out for include the Lego Batman Movie Batwing (for the reasons listed above), the Silent Mary ship set (though at $199.95, it may be a bit out of my price range), and above all else, my favorite set that I saw, the Arrowhead (which at 775 pieces is just about the size I like).

There were some Lego Ninjago Movie as well as some DC sets, but unfortunately, Bad Cop was there watching over us to make sure we didn’t photograph it! Good Cop was nowhere to be found…

DSC04530Oh, and here some life size Lego figures.

DSC04195 DSC04196 DSC04649 DSC04199 DSC04197 DSC04198 DSC04201Thanks again to all the amazing people at Lego for hosting Hi-Def Ninja at the NY Toy Fair! We look forward to seeing continuing reveals for Lego Ninjago Movie, Star Wars Episode VIII, and more of the Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary sets.

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