[Toy Fair 2017] Playmobil, Spin Master, MOTA, and more

So along with covering Hasbro, Lego, Mattel, and other figure collectibles I had the pleasure to see a slew of other amazing booths while at the Toy Fair whether by appointment or by stumbling across them on the show floor. Hi-Def Ninja is as always very thankful for all the below companies taking the time to show us around their booth and show off their newest products!


Playmobil produces miniature figures in multiple themes from pirates to ancient Egyptians. While they have multiple product lines this year they had on display licensed products from HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and GHOSTBUSTERS. I hope to see more licenses from them in the future.

These playsets are perfect for the adult collector looking to introduce their children to the toys they grew up with. What I also love is that all the figures are the same scale so you could have a mummy figure riding a Porche.

DSC05210 DSC05214 DSC05215 DSC05218 DSC05216 DSC05217 DSC05219 DSC05221 DSC05222 DSC05223 DSC05224 DSC05225 DSC05227 DSC05228 DSC05229 DSC05233 DSC05234 DSC05235 DSC05236 DSC05231 DSC05230 DSC05232Spin Master

Last year Spin Master was just debuting their near full size BB8 to the public, this year it is ready for release. The fully remote controlled droid will retail for $230 and includes multiple features including voice activated responses and a ‘follow me’ mode where BB8 will follow you around without the use of the remote. Below are some photos as well as a quick video.
DSC05136 DSC05135

While there were not as many licensed products this year compared to last year, where they also had branded Air Hogs products. That said another cool product line they had was the Meccano line. As one of the oldest construction systems in the world has combined with the Erector line under the brand name – Meccano.  From basic building to high?tech robotics programming, Meccano offers something for everyone, including even some really sweet RC cars.
DSC05140 DSC05141 DSC05139 DSC05142 DSC05144 DSC05145 DSC05143 DSC05146 DSC05149 DSC05150 DSC05151 DSC05152 DSC05153 DSC05154 DSC05156 DSC05147 DSC05148MOTA JETJAT

So during some downtime I came across MOTA. I will say there are a lot of drone selling companies at Toy Fair. These guys however are making some really cool options in the drone space. Tailored for the average electronics enthusiast the JETJAT drones are easy to fly right out of the box and reinvent the meaning of fun with the latest in drone technology with features like the auto-hover and 360 degree flips, highlight the dexterity of these versatile air-hogging stunt devils. All of the drones are remote controlled with the higher end models including streaming or recording capabilities

On display were a few different models the Nano, the Nano-C, and the Ultra from their product lines. The Nano, which as the name indicates is the tiniest of the bunch provides the longest flight time of the bunch but is more bare bones and does not include a camera. The Nano-C and the Ultra both feature shorter flight times but include cameras for recording and in the case of the Ultra live streaming.

They also have a Strikers set allowing you to battle two drones. Here are a few photos but look out for a more in-depth review from Michael Madison shortly and check them out here!

DSC05241 DSC05237 DSC05242 DSC05238 DSC05240 DSC05239Factory Entertainment
Officially licensed prop replicas, collectibles and toys from great licenses like Men In Black, Deadpool, Aliens, Game of Thrones, DC, and a ton more. Check them out here

DSC05509 DSC05510 DSC05511 DSC05512 DSC05513 DSC05514 DSC05515 DSC05516 DSC05517 DSC05518 DSC05519 DSC05520 DSC05521 DSC05522 DSC05523 DSC05524 DSC05526 DSC05527 DSC05528 DSC05529 DSC05531 DSC05532 DSC05533 DSC05534 DSC05535 DSC05536 DSC05537 DSC05538 DSC05540 DSC05541 DSC05543 DSC05544 DSC05545 DSC05546 DSC05547 DSC05548 DSC05549 DSC05550 DSC05551 DSC05552 DSC05553 DSC05566

Fiesty Pets
Friendly at first Fiesty at the end!

DSC05243 DSC05246 DSC05247 DSC05248 DSC05249

Noble Collection
Collectibles from many licensed brands including Batman, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and more…
DSC05187 DSC05188 DSC05189 DSC05190DSC05182 DSC05183 DSC05207 DSC05208DSC05178 DSC05179 DSC05180 DSC05181 DSC05184 DSC05185 DSC05186 DSC05205 DSC05206 DSC05209 DSC05177DSC05160 DSC05161 DSC05163 DSC05164 DSC05165 DSC05166 DSC05167 DSC05168 DSC05169 DSC05176 DSC05170 DSC05191 DSC05171 DSC05172 DSC05162 DSC05173 DSC05174 DSC05175 DSC05192 DSC05193 DSC05194 DSC05195 DSC05196 DSC05197 DSC05198 DSC05204 DSC05203 DSC05199 DSC05200 DSC05201 DSC05202Super7
With their ReAction, M.U.S.C.L.E., Super Shogun, Drive-Thru Drinkware, and many more product lines Super7 is providing quality figures for the discerning collector. Recently they also took over the the Masters of the Universe product line from Mattel so look out for some amazing figures soon.

DSC05025 DSC05026 DSC05027 DSC05028 DSC05030 DSC05032 DSC05033 DSC05034 DSC05035 DSC05036 DSC05037 DSC05039 DSC05040 DSC05041 DSC05042 DSC05043 DSC05044 DSC05045 DSC05047 DSC05048 DSC05049 DSC05050 DSC05051 DSC05052 DSC05053 DSC05054 DSC05055 DSC05056 DSC05057 DSC05059 DSC05060 DSC05061 DSC05062 DSC05063

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