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Marty McFly and Baymax Funko Figures
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Here is a little review of a couple of figures that are well worth a look: The Exclusive figures of Marty McFly from BACK TO THE FUTURE II and the Metallic Armored version of Baymax from BIG HERO 6 by Funko POP! figures.  They are available on their site and they are limited so I hope you like my take on these figures.

Marty McFly in 2015 from BACK TO THE FUTURE II

This is one for fans of the movie with Marty featured on a Hoverboard.  He is in his gear from 2015 like the self-adjusting jacket, jeans that are inside out, and self-tying Nike hi-tops.  This is one of the earliest(if not the first) examples of Funko using a clear, plastic base to show the figure performing an action mid-air.  Using the base like this gives the figure that little something extra because without it, he would look like he is on a pink skateboard.  The detailing on the figure is really nice with the jacket looking like it has the same texture as the real thing.  One of the other cool details is the Hoverboard’s paint job on the topside.  It matches the real one closely considering the size they had to work with.  The only minor let down, and I do mean minor, is that the paint job is a bit off from the ankles down. The brushstrokes are too broad with what looks like a paintbrush that is too larger from the cuffs and sneakers.  Otherwise, this figure is awesome and any collector would love to have this in their collection.

Metallic Armored version of Baymax from BIG HERO 6

This is the version of Baymax from the film when HIro gave his buddy here some armor to fight in and not get completely damaged.  The armored version of Baymax was released in regular stores but this figure is slightly different from the norm: he has metallic paint.  The finish makes the light reflect in a very different way than just the glossy red.  He has a clear visor on and you can still see his white underneath.  Aside from the paint, the other really nice thing about this figure is that he has some heft to him.  He just feels solid and bulky; exactly what you would expect from this character in this armor.  There are a lot of intricacies on the body like armor separations, accents on his back, and he even has the purple with the idea of flex material on his abdomen.  With this one, there are only a few minor issues like where the visor lines up on the helmet, it looks like the clear plastic wasn’t smoothed out before he was put together.  On the opposite side, the visor isn’t even attached.  Also at the tops of his helmet fins, the paint is lightly cracked but nowhere else on the body do you see this.  

These are two very sharp figures and a good mix to appeal to the masses.  On one side, you have the Classic film hero and underdog like Marty McFly in an awesome pose and then you have the anime inspired Baymax from Disney in a hero stance.  I love the choices and the figures that have chosen.  I can easily recommend them to collectors, fans, or a great gift idea.

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