Star Wars Celebration Cosplay Photos from the show

This past month ReedPop held it’s annual Star Wars Show, Star Wars Celebration, in Orlando Florida. This year was an extra special year since it is the 40th Anniversary of STAR WARS: EPISODE IV – A NEW HOPE. Because of this I decided to fly down to Orlando and experience the show and everything it had to offer.

So this is finally the gallery you have been looking and waiting for. No long text just cosplay photos. ENJOY!

DSC05784 DSC05785 DSC05796 DSC05931 DSC05932 DSC05949 DSC05951 DSC05983 DSC05985 DSC05987 DSC05988 DSC06019 DSC06020 DSC06023 DSC06025 DSC06037 DSC06038 DSC06039 DSC06114 DSC06115 DSC06116 DSC06117 DSC06121 DSC06122 DSC06123 DSC06124 DSC06125 DSC06133 DSC06134 DSC06135 DSC06136 DSC06137 DSC06170 DSC06172 DSC06173 DSC06174 DSC06175 DSC06176 DSC06177 DSC06187 DSC06190 DSC06191 DSC06193 DSC06194 DSC06195 DSC06197 DSC06198 DSC06199 DSC06200 DSC06201 DSC06202 DSC06205 DSC06206 DSC06207 DSC06210 DSC06211 DSC06212 DSC06213 DSC06214 DSC06215 DSC06222 DSC06223 DSC06313 DSC06314 DSC06317 DSC06318 DSC06319 DSC06320 DSC06323 DSC06324 DSC06325 DSC06327 DSC06328 DSC06329 DSC06331 DSC06332 DSC06349 DSC06360 DSC06375 DSC06389 DSC06391 DSC06392 DSC06393 DSC06395 DSC06396 DSC06398 DSC06401 DSC06402

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