A Review of Marvel’s Collector’s Corps for June 2017: SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING from Funko

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A Review of Marvel's Collector's Corps for June 2017: SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING from Funko
  • The Box Art
  • The POP! Figure
  • The Mystery Minis
  • The T-Shirt
  • The Comic Book
  • The Patch
  • The Pin

Funko and Marvel Collector’s Corps latest subscription box has been released for June 2017 – SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING!  It is packed to the brim with everything Spidey.  This is a bi-monthly subscription box, which you can pay for per box at $25 USD or you can pay for an annual membership at $150 USD.  Both price points are before the taxes and shipping charges.


The art on the outside of the box is a shot of Spider-Man’s face in his homemade costume.  Flip open the box and you have the drawings of Spider-Man in a few poses as well as an Iron Man in his Mark 47 suit.  I dig the hand-drawn sketch look of Spidey that they used.


This has The Web Head in the Stark made suit for him from the film.  It has all the design work with the webbing under his arms that he uses for gliding.  
The paint on the figure is something that they started with the previous Spider-Man box: Instead of painting on the reds, they use materials that are made out of the color.  This makes the paint jobs cleaner and consistently even.  The details around the eyes and the rest of his body have a nice black trim for accenting in places.  It looks sharp.  The Spider-Man emblem on the front is a high gloss black and the one on the back is a vinyl emblem “sticker”.  The only thing that is a little off is the underarm webbing has black accents to make it appear like webbing but it looks like pencil lines.  It doesn’t detract from the figure but I figure it’s worth mentioning.


There are 2 Mystery Minis included in the box and four possible options: Spider-Man in his homemade costume, Spider-Man in his Stark suit, The Shocker, and The Vulture.  All have the bobble heads like any of the Marvel figures and in the same scale as other Mystery Minis.  

The Spider-Man figure is in a crouched pose and it looks cool.  The coloring in the paint finishes match up between the head and the body.  Also, the paint is between the lines on his body aside from the small areas where thing match up.

On the Shocker figure, the paint is a lot cleaner and they also did great with the choices on the metallic arm.  You can really see how much better the painters are with these small figures.


The shirt has the logo for Midtown School of Science and Technology where Peter attends school.  The shirt itself is a royal blue and the logo is in yellow.  It’s a nice fitting shirt and feels a little heavier than a vintage tee.

The comic is of the new series Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man.  Its the first issue in the series and even includes the digital copy redemption code.  It was cool to get a brand new comic that released on or right around the day that the box arrived.  It has a Funko-Styled cover with Spidey and The Vulture facing off. 

The patch is aviator-styled with The Vulture’s masked face and fur collar being shown.  Also his wings are extended out with the colors of his gear the same as in the movie.  It’s a really nice looking patch.

The pin is the same quality and weight as the other subscription boxes.  This time it is the Spider-Signal logo used in the comics and the film.  The colors glow a bit in the right light, making a sharp looking pin (see what I did there?).


Overall, this is another great Spider-Man box from Funko but I think that this is hands-down the winner over the previous box of Ol’ Web Head.  This deals with the movie collectibles and the items do that perfectly.  Everything fits and that’s what you want in these subscription boxes.  It’s a tough choice but I have to give it to the POP! for the best item.  Its 100% exclusive and it is probably the one pose that collectors are missing from the other retailers and common versions.  Whether you’re a fan of the film or need everything Spider-man that Funko has produced, I can easily recommend this box to the people.

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