A Funko Spider-Man Collectibles review provided by Entertainment Earth

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A Funko Spider-Man Collectibles review provided by Entertainment Earth
  • Spider-Man Pint Size Heroes Mini-Figure
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming Pint Size Heroes Mini-Figure 3-Pack Version 1
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming Pint Size Heroes Mini-Figure 3-Pack Version 2
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming Homemade Suit Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming Peter Parker Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming Vulture Pop! Vinyl Figure

Entertainment Earth is one of the premier collectibles retailers online and one of the many companies that they work with is Funko.  In this review, I will be going over some of the Pint Size Heroes and POP! Vinyl Figures from both the Marvel Comics’ SPIDER-MAN and Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING lines.

Marvel Comics’ SPIDER-MAN Pint Size Heroes:

These figures are as if Funko miniaturized their Dorbz line down to collectibles that are smaller than the Mystery Minis.  The little intricacies are there and done with both vinyl sculpts and stickers.  
There are 12 different figures in a variety that go deep into Spider-Man mythos.  The figures are Classic Spider-Man in the red suit, Venom, Black-suit or symbiote Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Black Cat, Doctor Octopus, Peter Parker, Green Goblin, Lizard, Spider-Gwen, and Anti-Venom.  Each one comes in a sealed, blind-box that gives you a 1/12 chance for every figure. 
The paints look great on them and because of their size, there are a lot of small places where the paint has to be tight in the details.  Places on figures such as Anti-Venom’s eyes are a good example of the small spots that are hand painted.

The Spider-Man Pint Size Heroes Mini-Figure Display Case from Entertainment Earth has 24-blind packaged figures so that if you buy a box, your odds of getting the whole set are high.  If you buy the display case, you are guaranteed the Spider-Gwen and unique metallic Spider-Man in his classic suit design. 

Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Pint Size Heroes:

Funko also created a line of Pint Sized Heroes for Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING but, with these, they did things a little bit differently.  
The styles are the same as the Comic Book versions but they are instead based on the characters from the movie.  The difference here is that they are in different packaging with two visible figures and one mystery figure in the center.  The sets are laid out like this: version 1 includes Homemade Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Peter Parker.  Version 2 includes Spider-Man, The Vulture, and Tony Stark.  One of the standouts is Iron Man with his high-gloss finish that looks metallic.


The POP! Figures include Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Homemade Suit), Peter Parker, and The Vulture.  

The Spidey figures have the same detailing as the others in the line with the eyes like the Collector’s Corps.  The whites of the eyes have a mesh look to them that make them the movie.  The paints on the body match the color of the matte headsculpt.  The detailing on the body has the small painted elements on the body and down the arms.  The body also has paneling that is sculpted to match the movie’s suit’s “Stark-ness.  For the most part, the painting is tight but there are a few small parts where the brush got away from the painter.  These are only small spots so it wouldn’t be fair to even call them “issues.”

As for the Spider-Man in the homemade suit, he doesn’t have as much detailing as the other figures.  The paint scheme is simpler with the torso being a separate piece from the appendages.  It is the same red as the head with the arms and legs being a light blue.  There is a little of the detailing paint near the web shooters and gloves.  The eyes are a separate piece from the headsculpt and they have the white mesh look as well.

The Peter Parker figure has a vinyl sticker for the logo from his school saying “Midway School of Science & Technology.”  The pose has him holding a single backpack strap.  This figure has a few spots where the paint is off like the navy blue in his shirt is running down his arm onto his hand.  The zippers, Spidey mask, and the black accents on his bag are all off with the paint blemishes.  All that being said, I really like the pose that they went with; especially the part I mentioned with his mask hanging out of his bag.  It really suits the character well.

Now, The Vulture figure here is one of the best and most intricate POP! Figures I have come across so far.  He really looks like a figure inside of the flying exo-suit on-screen.  Beginning with the body: he has the sharp, metallic, clawed feet with the gold joints and metal stripes over the feet.  Just follow the metal running up his legs and over the green flight suit he has on with the black straps with the gold buckles on his torso and I don’t think a single component has been overlooked.  His arms are in the silver flight controls with gold accents.  The wings are highly detailed and shows off where the metal would flex down the span of the wings. You can also see the turbines clearly on the back.  The headsculpt has him helmeted with the oxygen tube off to the side, the glowing eyes, and clear shield to finish it off.  Even with all of the tiny changes in the figure, there are little to no errors in the paint.  

The Bottom Line:

Overall, Funko has really done an excellent job here creating their stylized versions of the characters and actors from the movie.  The choices in the comic book versions of the Pint Size Heroes are pretty much the options that any Spidey fan would choose.  As for the HOMECOMING figures, the poses and designs chosen really give a sense that the designers over at Funko are fans of the comics.  All of these are and more Funko products are available online over at Entertainment Earth’s website at www.entertianmentearth.com.
The Classic Spider-man Pint Size Heroes are $23.99 USD for a 6-pack or $95.99 USD for a display case.  Either version of the HOMECOMING Pint Size Heroes packs are $10.99 USD each and that includes 3 figs inside per pack.  The POP! Figures are $10.99 USD each.  These prices do not include taxes or the shipping charges and the more in-stock items you buy, you can qualify for free shipping.

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