TRICK ‘R TREAT Film Review

TRICK ‘R TREAT is a classic Halloween horror/thriller that can be a great watch during this time of year. The start of the film just gives you the spooky vibe of a cold fall night. The film is revolved around five stories involving multiple people in a town. Each of the characters involved are not what they seem to be. Each of them are portraying a different life; a life that seems common and uninteresting. Once the story gets more in-depth is when the fun begins and the truth comes out on Halloween night.

“People aren’t always what they appear to be” is the best quote to describe this movie. The beginning of the film focuses on a happily married couple that gets visited by what seems to be an uninvited guest (putting up decorations on Halloween didn’t go as planned for the impatient wife). One story follows a normal school principal, that seems to be living a very boring single dad lifestyle. He spends his days molding young minds and taking care of his son. What he is hiding from all those children and the rest of the community is a very dark and disturbing hobby. The story also follows the life of a college virgin that is looking for love so she is not the butt of the joke by her sisters that often like to have too much fun on Halloween night. Maybe this innocent looking college girl isn’t so innocent after all. The story leads to a group of young kids that are on a mission to gather jack o’ lanterns for a night of recklessness. The group of children befriend the “weird” girl in their school and take her on what seems to be an adventure to remember. What she doesn’t know is what the young group has planned for later in the evening. The final story involves a very to-himself, grumpy older man that is not very friendly with anybody. What nobody knows is that his past is the focal point to one of the worst urban legend stories in the town’s history.

In a city full of urban legends, lies, tricks, and secrets, this film really developed a great story that follows multiple groups of people without making it confusing. Each story knows how to slowly expose enough so when the end becomes apparent, the audience is not wondering what they missed or knows what the ending will be prematurely. Halloween-themed movies can be over done with the gore, seduction, and theme of Halloween. This film does not do that at all. Everything makes sense with the story and plays a certain part. It has the perfect feel of darkness and theme throughout the film to keep audiences interested and remind them this movie is all about the events of Halloween. With the acting skills of Brian Cox and Dylan Baker playing the best creepy characters in this film, it’s hard not to get a weird vibe from either of them.

Overall, this film is a fantastic watch for any time of year, but when it’s fall time and Halloween is around the corner, it is the absolute best. A must-watch for any person that wants to have a Halloween-themed movie marathon. Every year I personally have to re-watch it just to get in the mood of the year. It is an instant classic that will be loved by viewers which unfortunately did not get the love from theaters. There is talks of a TRICK ‘R TREAT 2 being made which, if done correctly, could be just as great as the original.

  • Coby Evans
TRICK 'R TREAT Film Review
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