Our trip to the “Justice League Experience”

Very recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Justice League Experience that was set up very briefly at St Martins College of Art & Design, and since the movie has now hit theatres, I thought I’d share the experience with you all…

I have been a DC fan for as long as I remember, and as divisive as they were, I am also a big fan of both MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN V SUPERMAN (Ultimate Cut of course!). So, being able to attend this event was a little bit of a fan boy moment and one I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

The event consisted of five rooms themed after Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman, with another room reserved for merchandise which wasn’t for sale (strange, yeah?!). The themed rooms were made up of props and costumes that were used in the production of JUSTICE LEAGUE, and were recreations of scenes related to the chosen hero, such as Barry Allen’s Warehouse, Batman’s Flying Fox, and Aquaman’s local pub. I have grouped all of the costume photos together and they will appear after I’ve walked you through each room.

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

The first room you entered was based around Diana Prince’s place of employment and contained files and computer programmes detailing the statue you see her working on in the film. The main feature in the room, as with all of them, was the Wonder Woman costume on display for all to see! It’s just as impressive in real life, I can tell you that. You could also try on replicas of the Amazonian headband and bracelets she wears.

Bruce Wayne/Batman

The next room was modelled on the loading area of the Flying Fox that Batman utilises in the finale of the movie. Each wall was made up of an array of Batarangs, analysis screens, and projected Bat-symbols. The Tactical Bat-suit was placed slap bang in the middle of the floor and was just as intimidating as it looks in the film. My fan wish would have been to have the Batmobile alongside it, but my inner nerd was content with seeing a screen-used Bat-suit in the flesh.

Victor Stone/Cyborg

Star Labs was our next stop and it didn’t disappoint. The guide informed us that most of the props we were seeing in the room weren’t recreations, but actual ones used in the production at some point. Most of the computer servers in the room were damaged and beat up, probably from the scenes in Star Labs with the League that didn’t make the final cut of the movie. There was a Cyborg model in the room, and while his costume was obviously 99% CGI, it was cool to see nonetheless.

Barry Allan/The Flash

Just like Bruce Wayne, I also got to take a seat in Barry’s famous second favourite chair, as well as take a look around his warehouse workshop. The room was modelled after the scene where Bruce recruits Barry for the League. This room had several different monitors displaying various speed tests and statistics, tables covered in concept designs, books and parts, and other various wall decorations. The Flash suit looked amazing and I still don’t get the backlash when It comes to the costume. It’s meant to look homemade as Barry isn’t really The Scarlet Speedster yet.

Arthur Curry/Aquaman

The final room I got to look around was the pub briefly seen in the film when Arthur saves the fisherman. Although it was nice to see this room, I was a tad disappointed that it wasn’t more character relevant as the other rooms were. Still, it had some cool props and even a little note to the Daily Planet. The Aquaman suit seen in the movie was situated next to the bar and I was massively impressed with amount of detail that went into the costume design, although I’d expect nothing less from Michael Wilkinson.

The best part of each room?….

So, that was the Justice League Experience. it’s a shame this wasn’t more open and advertised to the public, as I think any DC fan would have had a blast seeing all of this stuff in the flesh. I hope you all enjoyed reading my first article for the site and I cant wait to bring you all more in the future.

JUSTICE LEAGUE is in cinemas now.

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