A Review of Hot Toys Harley Quinn 1:6 figure from SUICIDE SQUAD

A Review of Hot Toys Harley Quinn 1:6 figure from SUICIDE SQUAD
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This time around, we are having a look at Hot Toys Harley Quinn 1:6 scale figure from the DC Movie SUICIDE SQUAD. She is based on Margot Robbie’s likeness and the outfit she used once on mission in Midway City. She is $249.99 USD and available right now from Sideshow Collectibles. This is the Exclusive version with the mallet included so let’s take a look at the good doctor!


The box is one of the nicest I’ve seen from Hot Toys. It is a candy shoppe theme with bubblegum pink and cool, royal blue everywhere. The lettering is in thick, bubbly letters and there is spot-glossing on every side. It is so fitting to her personality and is a great way to begin your experience with her.


The head sculpt is definitely in Margot Robbie’s likeness and the artist captured her look perfectly. Her face is Robbie’s face in the film but not in any specific moments. Her skin-tone is on the whiter-side as it should be after she went into the vat at Ace Chemicals. It also photographs that way and it makes the brighter colors of her makeup like the eye shadow stand out.

As for her hair, it is sculpted rather than rooted and her pigtails are colored. Her pigtails can be rotated to adjust to her head’s position. This was done so that the length comes out right no matter how far it is turned in either direction with groves at the end of them to lie on her shoulders. The thin bangs are also sculpted and fall on her face how they are supposed to.

She has gold earrings on both sides. The right side has shaped studs and the left is gold that runs the length of the earlobe with hanging parts. The left side actually looks a little odd because they are supposed to like safety pins and not so much like they do.

Her body is covered with random tattoos on her face, clavicle, arms, lower back, her lower-abdomen, and both legs. This was something that Hot Toys definitely got right between her and The Joker. Some look like they are done by herself or maybe Mr. J and others have a very professionally designed look. They are also not all the same amount of darkness and that makes some look newer than others as well.

She has a removable jacket that is red and blue with “Property of Joker” in gold stitching on the back. Its long sleeved and has elastic wrists so that you can pull them up on her forearms. Either way, it’s a good look on her. She has a worn and torn t-shirt with “Daddy’s Lil Monster” on the front. The tattered look really works and looks authentic from the movie. She has sequin hot pants that are red and blue. The fit is like in the movie and they don’t move much when you’re trying to pose her so there is little fear of exposing her hip joints of the actual figure. The fishnets are an interesting material that looks sculpted on her legs and they are very delicate. You can see the tattoos under them and the seamless legs for her but I’ll get into that in the articulation section. She has on these sculpted sneaker-like/high-heeled boots that are removable but you don’t really have a reason to unless you’re customizing her.

A minor gripe (and I would bareley call it that) with her body is that she seems somewhat off from her waist down when comparing her to the actress. What I mean is that the actress is much thinner all around than the figure. This isn’t noticeable at first and it actually took me a little bit to even notice the difference due to her fishnets making it less obvious. Her legs are seamless and that could be the reason for the thickness difference but it is such a minor thing that I doubt it really bothers anyone.


This figure comes with a lot of accessories and each one serves a purpose for a variety of looks. She comes with 8 hands including 1 pair of relaxed hands, 1 pair of gun holding hands, 1 pair of bat/mallet holding hands, 1 gripping right hand, and 1 open hand.

Every left hand has her red, glittery glove and the right has an armored ring on the index finger. The shimmer on the gloved hand is with a nice metallic paint and it doesn’t have that big glitter square look. It uses the texture of the glove with the paint to create the illusion of “glittery” and it works well at this scale. The ring is sculpted right into her hand and it has a gold finish similar to her earrings. Her gloved hand has “EVIL” written on her nails while the other side is pained in different colors.

Her weapons are the baseball bat, her handgun, and the Sideshow Exclusive weapon is her classic mallet. The entire bat is a sculpted material and that includes the tape on the handle. There are vinyl labels everywhere with “GOOD NIGHT” in large letters and random writing on the rest. There is also a design that resembles her logo of the red/black diamonds. It has some nice aging/weathering on the handle so you can tell that it is one of her favorite weapons. In the movie, you only get a quick look at her mallet when she pulls it out of the bag with her other gear.

It is the Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive and it has some great weathering and having this appearance like it used violently. There are chips and dents in the wooden parts. There are nicks, scrapes and a faded smiley face where it looks like the mallet has connected with people’s faces. There is writing on it and some vinyl stickers are similar to the bat. The handle doesn’t have the same weathering as the rest of the weapon so the two don’t match up. If you can get one, this mallet is a must have.

Her revolver is a Chiappa Rhino that has been customized with black and gold paint with a white grip. The cylinder has both “LOVE” and “HATE” engraved on it in the gold. It is cool that the cylinder can rotate but the downside is that it can easily fall out of place so do be careful with it. She also comes with a really nice shoulder holster that’s black with silver studs all over and red stitching. The holster can also hold the two extra cylinders for the handgun.

The included jewelry is a gold choker that says “PUDDIN”, magenta bracelets with “YES” and “SIR” in gold, and gold cuff bracelets with spikes. Either pair of bracelets can be mixed and matched but the lettered ones might not look right with just “SIR” written on one side. Make sure you don’t attempt to add or remove the brackets without removing the hands first. You’ll damage the figure if you aren’t careful.

The purse is the one from the movie that she stole from the store window. It has a mirror finish and some jagged edges that give it a high fashion of look that catches the light. The strap is a chain and let’s it hang at about her hipbone.

There is also a small “brick” with rebar coming out of the sides that is included. Every collector that I have spoken with about what it is used for has their own theory. I have heard that it is to make the stand look like broken street or it is for her to balance herself with the bat like a cane. Either way, it would’ve been nice for the manual to clear things up. She has a stand that is branded with the SUICIDE SQUAD logo and her name on the front. Like I said, the top has a broken concrete look and a standard peg. She also comes with the SUICIDE SQUAD backdrop that looks like neon and graffiti. It says “ROTTEN” and “Welcome to Belle Reve” which is the prison from the movie. Plus, it has Daddy’s Lil’ Monster”.


Harley is a fairly flexible figure but to do anything with her, you have to slowly manipulate her or you might damage her. Her head can turn in 360° but with her facial expression, you really wouldn’t turn her head less than half of that. As I mentioned, her pigtails can be moved to make the positions of her head feel more natural and they also can rotate a full 360°.

She has full movement of her arms with the jacket on and a bit more with it off. It does sit loose enough that it also allows her torso full movement. Her torso can turn slightly so that her poses don’t feel as rigid and look more feminine.

As for her legs, they are on the delicate side. Under the stockings are seamless legs with a fold around the knee joint. You don’t want to try and adjust them without working the stockings a little first, otherwise you will most certainly tear the material. This goes the same with her boots. You have to make sure to adjust them properly or you will damage her and replacing the stockings doesn’t look to be an option.


This really is the best representation of Robbie’s Harley. The look on her face is spot-on and the paintwork is incredible. They also did a good job with the clothing by making sure that you have some options for poses and looks. The included accessories also help with mixing it up. One of the big things that limit you is her face. Like I said, every look has to have her looking to the left. There are a few ways that the company could fix this such as adding the PERS system or simply having her look forward. Her stockings don’t limit her but as I mentioned earlier, you have to be very careful when manipulating her to the pose you want or the stockings will tear. Overall, I can highly recommend picking up this figure because she is a great addition to any DC collection.

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