[Toy Fair 2018] McFarlane Showcase

Next up is McFarlane Toys! McFarlane produces some amazing figures for many of today’s hottest properties none-of-which bigger than The Walking Dead.

This year I was shown around the booth where I saw products from the expanding Borderlands and Destiny lines as well as the all new license for Call of Duty which is starting with the main characters Captain John ‘Soap’ and Ghost.

Stranger Things also has a new set of figures showcasing the main four in their Halloween Ghostbusters garb complete with proton packs and a baby dart in the ghost trapper. Other figures in the line include a Punk Eleven, Will which will be a Target Exclusive packaged upside down, the Demogorgan, and a Dustin with Dart to name a few.

McFarlane of course continues their The Walking Dead product line with a ‘Merciless’ Negan and a allies 3-Pack featuring Rick, Daryl, and Jesus. Savior Prisoner Daryl and Ezekiel are in stores now.

Another new property from McFarlane being showcased at the booth was Star Trek. While there weren’t a whole lot of products on display what was there did say a lot. So we did have the Captains Kirk and Picard but the interesting thing to see was the Phaser from Star Trek Discovery showing that McFarlane will not merely tackle the classic characters but will, dare I say, boldly go with new properties as well.

Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul have a few new additions as well.

Finally up were the building sets. Some South Park, Rick & Morty, Five Nights at Freddy’s that were previously available on display but added to the line in 2018 will be Hello Neighbor (along with figures) a survival horror stealth game where players try to successfully sneak into the basement of their neighbor’s house to uncover a secret.

A parting note, you may have noticed a difference in the packaging of the products. So in upcoming series you will begin to see the phase out of the box packaging in favor of blister packaging. This is a deliberate move to show the quality of the figures while also establishing the figures as toys as opposed to just collectibles.

As always a big thank you goes out to McFarlane and I for one can’t wait to see more Stranger Things and Star Trek figures. If only we could get some more Game of Thrones building blocks.

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