A Review of Hot Toys Marty McFly 1:6 figure from BACK TO THE FUTURE Part II – Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive Version

A Review of Hot Toys Marty McFly 1:6 figure from BACK TO THE FUTURE Part II - Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive Version
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When BACK TO THE FUTURE Part II (BTTF II) was released in theaters in 1989, Universal Studios went all out to bring Robert Zemeckis’ vision to the screen with the same or better success than the original.  It has been a fan favorite of people everywhere and Hot Toys has made a 1:6 Marty McFly figure to follow up Marty from BTTF.


The box has a matte finish with the DeLorean in mid-flight on the front.  The classic movie title is in bold lettering with “Marty McFly” written on the hood.  The sides have a minimalist look with the MMS379, Marty’s name, and lightning from the front image spilling over.  The back is bright blue with the typical warnings, barcode, and some other information.  After removing the lid, the insert has the “credits” of the artists and others involved with the design of the figure again a background like the face Hoover Board.


The design of the figure is from the scene as soon as Marty, Doc Brown, and Jennifer arrive in 2015.  It is what Marty wears to look like his son from the time period.  He has the multi-colored baseball cap, the red mesh/rubber jacket, a red t-shirt, jeans with the front pockets turned out, and Nike sneakers with powerlaces.  

The headsculpt is done so well in the likeness of Michael J. Fox from this movie.  You can clearly see that it is a completely different look from the figure from the original film.  His eyes look a little to the left and has Fox’s expression down so well that it is unmistakable.  The hair is also movie-accurate with how it is a little longer and hangs over the ears.  It is a stroke of luck that his hair is styled like this in the movie because it makes a cleaner removal of the magnetic hairpiece so he can wear the cap.  The hair color is maybe a shade darker than in the movie unless they were really going for Marty’s son. His cap is made out of a slightly flexible vinyl material with a paint that gives it a rainbow/reflective look.  Obviously, there is no way without using the dual materials like the real hat has to get the look exactly but it really looks great.  

The jacket is one of my favorite pieces on this figure.  Minus a couple of very, very minor things, it looks exactly like it does in the movie.  The red mesh material is rubber-like and looks like a breathable material.  Due to the mesh appearance, be very careful what you have near this because it could easily catch on something and damage it.  The little thing about the jacket is that the sleeves aren’t insanely long like they are before he hits the auto adjust on the bottom.  I get why Hot Toys couldn’t do this because realistically, the extra rubber material would bunch up and probably look bad.  The only way around it would be to include an extra jacket but then that ups the cost.  The jacket is removable and it comes off very easily because of Marty’s flexibility but the arms underneath have no definition so he looks a little awkward without it. There is a section in the video that goes into this a little deeper. The t-shirt and jeans are your typical cotton material with the pockets sowed on the outside.  The bottoms are rolled and permanently cuffed so make sure not to undo them.

The sneakers don’t have any of the Nike logos because I’m sure the sneaker company would want a premium to use their shoes.  Instead, Hot Toys makes them similar enough in design is that you instantly know what they are.  They have a tall design with some translucent pieces built in to the soles.  There are also magnets and metal hidden in the board and sneakers for the Hover Board to stay attached.


This figures comes with loads of accessories to pull off the look.  There’s the footwear container, the calculator watch, the Pepsi bottle, Gray’s Sports Almanac, the bag from Blast From The Past, The Hoover Board, and the USA Today.  There are 8 hands and they all serve a purpose.  There is also a Dynamic Stand with a base.  

The Sideshow Exclusive accessories are the arcade gun from Wild Gunman and 2 hands: one for pointing the gun and one for holding it like he is giving it back.  The gun has some weathering that gives it some character.  There is a metal cord and a chain make it look like it came off of an arcade machine but it also looks like it was ripped out of the game cabinet.  It’s a nice touch to round off everything from the time period and the scene in the Café 80’s.  

The footwear container is a black tube with a sliding door so you can put the sneakers in there if you like.  The only thing is that there are no other shoes or feet to attach to Marty so if you take off his sneakers, he would be footless.  This is why I wish they included his original shoes. The black watch is an 80’s calculator watch that is the typical type.  You can only put it on or remove it when you do the same with the hands.  

The Pepsi bottle has the filled look with a dark, translucent bottle with the blue cap.  There is both a left and right hand that are able to hold the bottle so it can look like he’s drinking or just naturally holding it.  I’m really glad that this was included because I got some really good poses with the bottle. The Gray’s Sports Almanac is one of the cool printed accessories included. It has only page of statistics that has been copied several times to give the book some heft.  It has a removable dust jacket that has a copied, black and white cover on the inside. The book fits inside of the silver, Blast From The Past bag snuggly.  So snug in fact that when I put the book inside, I had a lot of trouble getting it back out.

The Hoover Board is spot on when it comes to coloring, scale, and just the overall design.  The top has the designs on it with what looks like vinyl stickering.  It matches up to the design of the movie minus the Mattel branding and it even has the spot where Marty ripped the handlebars out of it before riding it.  It also has the foot strap on the swiveling disc just like the “real” one so that Marty can keep his foot on the board and have him change positions. The underside of the board has the two discs that are the devices to make the board “levitate” with the magic of 2015 science.  It looks really good and like the parts would actually do something in the real world.

The USA Today is brightly colored a heavier paper with the headlines from the movie after the Doc and Marty change the future.  Like the Almanac, there is some layering done to bulk up the paper and not have simply one sheet.  

There are a pair of mirror image hands that have straight fingers and a gripping thumb that are used for holding the book, the board, and the paper.  I was also able to use that hand to look like he is adjusting his hat.  It was a smart move so that you don’t need double the amount of hands and have two that are so versatile.

The Dynamic Stand is great for posing him with the board.  The base has a shiny design of water like out in the front of the clock tower in 2015.  I like that they included this but I wish they either made it removable or included something to cover it and make it look like pavement.


This figure has some good flexibility for being based on a non-superhero.  His elbows and knees have the double joints that can make the forearm and bicep parallel or the thighs and calves can do it as well.  That combined with the torso that bends allow for some really good posing on the board. When the jacket is on, the arms don’t get that full range of motion due to the rubber sleeves.  They just don’t allow a lot of give past a 90° while moving them up however, if you slowly work the sleeves where you want them, you can have them safely posed. The head is the type with the stable neckpiece and the joint at the base of the skull.  This allows some natural movement of the head so he can look in any direction and it looks good. Where the shoes attach at the legs, there is plenty of room for movement. It lets the placement of the board have some good pose-ability. I was really surprised because the sneakers look like they would be restricting but the way that they subtlety flare helps a lot.


This is the 1:6 scale figure of Marty McFly that the fans deserve.  I’ve heard nothing but good things from the first figure and this is quite the successful follow-up.  Almost everything here has impressed me from the clothing to the big accessories like the Hoover Board and the sneakers.  The Exclusive items from Sideshow fit in well with the design and they were smart to go with the extra hands as well.  
There is nothing here that has been overlooked to make it be the best it can at this scale.  There are only three things that I may throw a questionable glance to and that’s the footwear container, the bare arms, and the tightness of the jacket sleeves.  The jacket is probably went with look over functionality and I get that.  I realize the footwear container is like the sleeves where its there for, again, aesthetics over any real functionality but I think that having Marty’s regular sneakers would’ve changed that accessory completely. 
So overall, I think that both the die-hard fans as well as the casual collectors will be highly impressed with how this turned out.  I can easily give McFly a recommend and make sure to get the Exclusive from Sideshow Collectibles while you can.

Check out the video Review and Unboxing!

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