Funko NYCC 2018 Exclusives List!

2018 Funko Pop New York Comic Con Figures

DC Comics

POP! Aquaman #243 Arthur Curry (Hot Topic)

POP! DC Super Heroes #144 Batman Chrome Orange LE (Toy Tokyo)

POP! Justice League 2-Pack: The Flash and Superman Racing (GameStop/EB Games)

POP! Supergirl #708 Supergirl (Barnes & Noble)

POP! Superman Chrome 3-Pack: Red, Silver, Blue (FYE)/

POP! Teen Titans Go #604 Beast Boy Metallic (Toy Tokyo) (PR=3,000 pieces)

POP! The Flash #712 Killer Frost Glow-in-the-Dark (Hot Topic)

POP! Wonder Woman #242 1st appearance Wonder Woman (Hot Topic)


POP! Black Panther #385 Okoye with Red Dress / Wig (Amazon)

POP! Marvel #392 Classic Spider-Woman (Entertainment Earth)

POP! Marvel Studios 10 #393 Shuri Chrome (GameStop/EB Games)

POP! Marvel Studios 10 #394 Movie Moments: Hulkbuster vs. Hulk (Walgreens)

POP! Thor Ragnarok #391 Korg with Miek (GameStop/EB Games)

POP! Venom #371 Carnage with Tendrils (Hot Topic)


POP! Mickey Mouse Mickey’s 90th #432 Little Whirlwind Mickey (Walmart)

POP! TaleSpin #446 Shere Khan with hands together (GameStop/EB Games)

POP! Toy Story (Rides) #52 Pizza Planet Truck with Buzz Lightyear (BoxLunch)


POP! Star Wars Clone Wars #274 Captain Rex (Hot Topic)


POP! Dragon Ball Z #154 Super Saiyan Vegeta Blue Chrome (Toy Tokyo)

POP! Dragon Ball Z #434 Great Ape Vegeta 6″ Super-Sized (Hot Topic)

POP! Tokyo Ghoul #437 Eto in Bandages (Hot Topic)

Harry Potter

POP! Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald #25 Augurey (Amazon)

POP! Harry Potter #68 Professor Quirrell (FYE)

POP! Harry Potter #69 Hermione Granger with Sorting Hat (Barnes & Noble)


POP! Fallout #386 Assaultron (GameStop/EB Games)

POP! Overwatch #400 Reinhardt 6″ Super-Sized (GameStop/EB Games)

POP! Kingdom Hearts #405 Sora Guardian Form (Walmart)


POP! Game of Thrones #65 Beric Dondarrion with Flame Sword (Barnes & Noble)

POP! SNL Saturday Night Live 2-Pack: Butabi Brothers – Doug & Steve (Barnes & Noble)

POP! Doctor Who #709 Vashta Nerada Glow-in-the-Dark (Hot Topic)

POP! Game of Thrones 3-Pack: The Creators (Barnes & Noble)

POP! The Funky Phantom #446 Funky Phantom Glow-in-the-Dark (PR=1,000 pieces)

POP! Rick and Morty #438 Gearhead (Target)

POP! Brady Bunch 2-Pack: Jan Brady & George Glass (Books-A-Million)

POP! Quick Draw McGraw #281 Baba Looey (FunkoShop)

POP! New Girl #710 CeCe Parekh (FYE)

POP! Jabberjaw #435 Jabberjaw (FunkoShop)


POP! Coraline #424 Coraline in Pajamas (Hot Topic)

POP! Scott Pilgrim 2-Pack – Katayanagi Twins (FunkoShop)

POP! The Predator #620 Fugitive Predator (Books-A-Million)


POP! GPK Garbage Pail Kids #01 Adam Bomb Metallic (Toy Tokyo) (PR=3,000 pieces)

POP! Rocks #82 Notorious B.I.G. with Crown LE (Toy Tokyo)

POP! One Piece #358 Brook (Hot Topic)


Dorbz Marvel #471 Iron Heart (FYE)


Pocket POP! Cereal Scott Pilgrim – Knives Chau (FunkoShop)

5-Star Collection

5-Star DC Super Heroes: Golden Midas Batman (GameStop/EB Games)

5-Star DC Super Heroes: Pink Harley Quinn (Hot Topic)


Vynl. Gremlins – Gizmo & Gremlin in 3D Glasses (GameStop/EB Games)

Vynl. Coming To America – Akeem & Randy (Target)

Vynl. Hanna-Barbera – Huckleberry Hound & Snagglepuss (FunkoShop)

Vynl. Rushmore – Max Fischer and Herman Blume (BoxLunch)

Mini Vinyl Figures: Mickey Mouse Black-and-White 2-Pack (Amazon)


Rock Candy Ralph Breaks the Internet: Disney Comfy Princesses – Pocahontas (Amazon)

Rock Candy The Royal Tenenbaums – Margot Tenenbaum (Funko Shop)

Rock Candy The Shining – The Grady Twins (Target)


Action Figure Married with Children: Al, Peggy, Kelly & Bud (Target)


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