[NYCC 2018] The Funko Booth and a detailed look at this year’s line-up!

Every year at New York Comic Con, Funko brings a plethora of collectibles to the show to feed the collecting habits of the masses.  It used to be that it was a lot of POP! Figures but this year at New York Comic Con, Funko has more offerings for collectors to sink their teeth into.  Here I’m going to go over just a slice of what’s new.  

The 5 Star Collection

Beginning with the 5 Star Collection, the best way for me to describe them is like a Mystery Mini grew a bit, learned to move their arms, and wanted some accessories that compliment that character.  The box is a new style with a gatefold front and a Velcro clasp.  There is a small window showing the face of the character until you open the front and see everything that the figure has to offer behind a larger window.  

The two characters that I got my hands on are the Harley Quinn and Batman.

Harley is a pink variant for the show and she is in her classic jester outfit.  Her included accessories are: a framed pictures of Mr. J, a pink popgun and a pink mallet.  The photo might be able to be held but I could only prop it up against her.  I’ve seen it stand on its own so I’m wondering if there was a piece missing or fell out of the box…?

The other figure is a gold Batman figure and he comes with a gold Batarang and a matching golden Bat-signal.  The Batarang is the classic weapon and the Bat-signal is very nice.  It has a few small details and indentations to give it character.  Where the actual light source would be, there is a glossy white paint and a black bat symbol in the center.  

Each hand can only hold a particular item and they can’t be swapped.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because all I would ask is that the hands hold the items and it does that well.  As for these figures, I’m definitely interested in seeing what they can do with characters that have some cool accessories to show off.


The Vynl line is new to me and the first ones that I got to take a look at are Gizmo and the popcorn-eating Gremlin.  The way that they look are a little more boxy and only the head articulates.  All of the details are done with vinyl stickers or stencils so that every details looks cleanly on there. 

They’re different and really work for the figure that isn’t a human.  I’ve seen some of the human figures and I feel like characters like this work a little better.

Action Figures

There are also MARRIED WITH CHILDREN… action figures that are like the figures from both the SUICIDE SQUAD and Teen Titans Legion of Collectors boxes.  They have articulation at the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and head.  They have more articulation than their previous ReAction Figures and the design is a little more complex.  The hair on Peggy and Kelly are separate pieces from the head and it makes the texture look different from the face.  

Funko’s Cereal

The Funko’s Cereal is a relatively newer offering but the prize inside is better than any breakfast cereal I’ve ever had: a Pocket POP! figure.  The Exclusive for the show is from SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD and it features Knives Chau.  She is designed how Knives looked with the highlights in her hair.  To compare it to another line, the closest would be about the keychain size or slightly larger.  

The POP! Figures

The POP! Figures have some new things going on with them: they have removable pieces on their heads.  The first two figures are Okoye from Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER and Professor Quirrell from HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE (or PHILOSOPHER’S STONE for the folks across the pond).

The Okoye figure is her in the red dress and brown wig from the scene in the Korean casino.  She is in this cool action pose with her sonic spear at the ready.  The removable wig is a thick vinyl that “locks” it self on her head by her ears.  It’s really heavy but if it was thinner, it could be damaged when removed.  When the wig is on her head, it does make her top-heavy and Funko included a clear-disc stand for support.  Even without the wig, the figure can’t stand on her own because of her thin body.

With the wig off, she has the head tattoo that is a vinyl print to get some serious accuracy.  The dress has a lot of little details and beautiful gold accents all over the figure.  It’s a beautiful piece.  

The Professor Quirrell figure is in his outfit that he wears throughout the entire movie with the purple turban and Voldemort’s face on the back of his head.  It is a lot lighter than Okoye’s wig and sits high enough to cover most of Voldemort’s face.  The way that he wears it with some of the wrap he drapes on his neck gives the illusion that it connects.  The turban itself weighs a lot less than the wig and it almost like a cap.  The part that looks like it connects to the body what keeps it in place.  The design of Quirrell’s face is your basic, bald POP! but the Voldemort side looks creepy as well as sickly.  It is a great addition to the HARRY POTTER collection and I can see figures like re-releases of the students with the sorting hat in the future.

DC did The First Appearance Wonder Woman figure and she looks gorgeous.  The box has a gold foil that is respectful of such an iconic character.  As for the POP!, she has on the red and yellow knee-high boots with the big heels.  Her blue and white skirt with the stars sits in an action pose.  Her top has the yellow eagle and she has her classic bracers up like she is ready to throw down.  They definitely got the hair right with the style from 1942 and the hair has a matte finish.  The Princess of Themyscira literally got the royal treatment.    

Next up is the Superman 3-pack to celebrate his 80th Anniversary in comics.  The set has a red, white, and blue theme in the new chrome finish that Funko has been releasing of other figures lately.  To give you an idea of how to imagine the finish, it resembles a Christmas ornament.  Before I got a closer look, I wasn’t sure how the “S” on his chest was going to come out but the grey/silver that they used to make it stand out really works.  He looks like the pose is based on the JUSTICE LEAGUE Superman and a classic look for the character.

The Augurey or Irish Phoenix is a new beast from the FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD .  He or she has a lot of details from the feather-look on its back and head.  The tail and head feathers are separate pieces that are attached to the body.  Since it is a Phoenix, the tail feathers are a brilliant and bright green.  The head has a separation mark where the head is connected to the body but don’t try to turn the head because it doesn’t seem like it is meant to be moved.  The figure has no moving parts so it is very much a showpiece.  

Coraline is one of the new lines from the POP! Animation and something that I know a lot of people have been awaiting for.  They made her eyes in the “POP!” Style but the rest of her is very much from the designs that Laika Studios made for the movie. Small things like the pajamas and her blue fingernails look excellent.  She’s holding the cotton candy that is a quick little tidbit that the sharp eyes of the fans will appreciate.  The hair is perfect with the same beautiful shade of blue that is in the movie.  They added the dragonfly barrette with the gold coloring and it is the final touch on this figure.

Korg with Meik from Marvel’s THOR: RAGNAROK is another fan-favorite that has collectors ecstatic that it was released.  Of course, the solo figure of Korg was released some time ago but Meik is the showstopper.  It was feared that he was stomped by Korg  but he should be ok.  The Korg figure looks like the comic book version and has that bluish hue from the movie.  He is detailed from head to toe with straps and bandoliers with tiny gold accents. The only small thing that’s a little off is the paintwork on the body looks more like stone that the head doesn’t have.  Meik looks like his little squishy self and has some nice texture and eye detail.  

The only offering from STAR WARS is a fan favorite: Captain Rex from STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS animated series.  They have released a Rex from REBELS but this is him in the classic clone armor.  The armor is white and has the blue accents all over the armor.  He has the range finder, the pauldron, and leg armor that makes him unmistaken.  He is covered in kill marks and they are neatly done with vinyl markings.  He also has a slight side pose that looks like he’s killing clankers.  

The pièce de résistance has to be the Movie Moments’ Hulk and Hulkbuster from Marvel’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON.  It is a mdi-action setup with the two about to have their fists collide.  The figures are attached to the crumbled rock base and they are in the likeness of the previous POP! Versions.  Also, being that they are Marvel, both are bobbleheads.  The details that were on the Collector’s Corps Hulkbuster have been put on this one with the red and gold in the right places.  They both are made out of separate pieces with everything attached to the torso. I’ve seen some of the other Movie Moments and this one is by far the largest one that I have seen.   I love it and it has to be my favorite for the year so far.

The Bottom Line

This was only a portion of what Funko offered at NYCC this year and, as you can see, there is a lot here.  The variety means that there is definitely something for everyone. Vynl is nice to have another sized collectible because there are different sized figures for everyone.  I’m also very interested in where the 5 Star line is headed because I like the idea of figures coming with a few relevant accessories.  I also love seeing these movie moments and what famous scenes they’ll be releasing next.  Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with everything here and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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