A review of Mezco’s One:12 Collective Wolverine from 5 Ronin figure!

A review of Mezco's One:12 Collective Wolverine from 5 Ronin figure!
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Mezco has released Ronin Wolverine as one of their Fall Exclusives. He is a part of the One:12 Collective and, like Old-Man Logan, he is a fan favorite. This is from the 5-issue series by Peter Milligan where Logan, Deadpool, Hulk, Punisher, and Psylocke reimagined in 17th century Japan. Let’s have a look at this incredible figure.


The box is a slipcover type with the crossed Wolverine claws on the front and sides. One the back, they used the image from the comic with Wolverine about to draw his sword. The overall color scheme for the emblem and accents of the box is a grey/lavender. It’s a simple design but I love the nod to the source material. Once open, the inside looks like the other releases with the figure separated from the items in the box in a clamshell-type holder.


The look is right for this figure. Not only does he look like he was plucked out of the time period but the headsculpts they use are very Logan. The “angry” sculpt is the classic look with the high hair and a very mad facial expression. It looks a bit feral and what you look for in a Wolvie figure. The other head has the more of a regal, calm look of a samurai. His hair is pulled back and he has on a stoic face. This is pretty much how he traveled around Japan in the comic.

As for the outfit, he has on a typical look for the time period. It is a kamishimo with kimono, hakama, jacket and waist belt. What’s really nice is that every piece of clothing is separate from each other so the way that everything lays on the body is natural. The emblems look like subtle “X” to represent the X-Men. The large hakama bottoms round everything off. The waist belt can hold the sheaths for the swords so he keeps them nice and close.

One his feet, he is wearing the traditional geta. They look really nice and complete the look but there are a few things that are a bit weird about them. The sandals have the design with the two thin pieces holding him up so getting the balance right is a bit of a struggle. Once you figure out how his center of gravity works, it is a little easier. I will get to the stand portion in the accessories section.


Wolvie here has a simple and practical set of accessories. Here’s what is included: the 2 head-sculpts, seven interchangeable hands (a pair that work with the katanas plus the sheathes, the pair of closed fists, the pair of clawed hands, and one right-hand posing hand), one long katana sword with sheath, one short katana sword with sheath, the red scarf with posing wire, a base stand arm for posing, the base stand with the crossed-claws logo, and a bag for the accessories.

The sword holding hands have some open movement in them so you can put the sword a variety of lengths in the sheaves or he can hold them both at the same time. He can also hold the blades both facing forward or pointing behind him. The posing hand also makes it look like he is about to grab the handle.

The claws are the same ones that came with the Old Man Logan and (as of this review) unreleased Logan. The silver paintwork is clean and looks really nice. I have to say this for the comic book purists out there: this is an interpretation of the character from the book so I know that these aren’t the same as in the comic. The comic version is more like the claws you would see on a samurai called tekko-kagi claws. He would most likely have bones claws before the adamantium. That being said, I dig the look of the included claws and I am a purist so give that a think.

The two katanas and the sheaths are similar except for the length plus the blade design. The handles are detailed and are colored with black a well as a bronze/tarnished metal finish. The blade itself has is the same silver paint finish as his claws. The sheaths are a simple black with a matte finish.

I love the scarf that’s included because it works as a simple neck wrap, a face cover, posed to be blowing in the wind, or even to be used as a hood. They could’ve just included the scarf to go along with his look but the wire inside is what allows it to be a versatile accessory.

The base stand with the clear arm is good for jumping poses and holding Wolvie up if you have trouble with his geta. The stand itself has a large crossed-claws emblem with that purple hue for the colors. The foot peg is removable to hold the arm but not for his feet (the feet don’t have a hole for the peg).


Because of the loose clothing, the articulation on this figure might be the best. Yes, I know, I probably say this in every review that I do about The One:12 Collective but this time I really mean it. He is completely free to move under the kimono and hakama. He is double-jointed at the knees and the elbows. Like I said, the hakama are huge (in a good way) and there is no fear of stretching or misshaping the clothing. Where the head connects to the neck, there is a ball joint that is simple enough to swap out the headsculpts. Where the neck attaches to the body, there is a swivel joint to make the movements more natural. The chest shows off his hamburger meat but it does show the three skin tones for the head, neck, and chest. That being said, the head and neck match the best.


This is a figure that every Wolverine/Logan fan should own. It is a spectacular representation of an alternate universe that completely suits him. There isn’t a bad pose or look here. Honestly, the posing hand about to grab the blade’s handle while wearing his scarf might be my favorite look. It makes him look intimidating and ready to slice up some samurai. I highly recommend getting ahold of one however you can.

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