Unboxing Playmobil’s Back to the Future DeLorean

Way back at New York Comic Con in October 2019 Playmobil announced their newest licenses for both Scooby-Doo and Back to the Future. Now that the sets have hit the shelves Playmobil has sent over one of their DeLorean sets for us at Hi-Def Ninja to take a closer look at.

As typical of other Playmobil sets before you are ready to play there is a drop of assembly required including some stickering. The only comment I will make when assembling the set is that the rear tires are a tad larger than the front ones but the instructions don’t do the best job in making it obvious there is a difference. Once assembled there are a lot of tiny details to enjoy when admiring the set from lots of accessories, including extra plutonium and a flux capacitor to a light-up action for when you hit 88 MPH.

As this isn’t a collector’s item the box is pretty standard with general graphics but nothing special. I do wish Playmobil did something with the box that allowed it to be folded in a way that created a diorama to better display the set. This could work well here and with other car sets they have done in the past. While the sets are for the kids I do think even they might enjoy having a spot to park the car when they aren’t playing with it.

The DeLorean is faithfully recreated from the Back to the Future movies; in Playmobil form. The car features all the modifications Doc made to it to turn it into a time machine including the flux capacitor, a port for the plutonium to be placed, the huge exhausts, and twisting wheels for when you need to go to places with no roads. There is also an extension for when you combine the set with the Clocktower set to re-create Marty’s attempt to get back to 1985.

Other details I liked were the piping pieces around the vehicle, the DeLorean logo on the front fender as well as the “Outatime” license plate, and the functioning top opening doors. The body itself of the DeLorean feels very sturdy and made of a good plastic to hold up to normal wear and tear.

As for the light-up feature with the push of a button the translucent blue piping in the front and on top light-up and with the second touch of a button the light’s begin flashing, though unlike the Ecto-1 I previously reviewed there are no sounds

The set also comes with three figures a Marty McFly, Emmett “Doc” Brown, and Einstein. Each figure has their own accessories including Marty’s skateboard, Doc’s remote control, and a stopwatch that goes around Einstein’s neck. There is even a suitcase with extra plutonium.

Overall I really enjoyed getting to take a closer look at the DeLorean. The set is very faithful to the original movie design while still being a toy for children to enjoy and play with. All that said I would have to say my favorite feature are the twisting wheels, just a very cool feature and a great addition to the set. 

For now the only other set in line is a Marty and Doc figure two pack featuring them in 1955 clothing with accessories to match. The DeLorean set will set you back $49.99 but its sturdy design makes the set feel worth it. You can get both of these Back to the Future sets here and other Playmobil sets here.

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