Hero Complex Gallery – Sketch Card Show

Yes, you DO HAVE the Wall Space!

When we first started building this Sketch Card Show, it wasn’t hard for our imaginations to run wild as we pictured this incredible body of artists… with all their varying styles and approaches… creating their own unique and special one-of-a-kind sketch cards.
To say that we were inspired at the outset would be an understatement… BUT THEN the cards started coming in… and wow… it’s safe to say that this is probably our favorite show we’ve ever done and we look forward to many more in our future, we hope it becomes one of your favorites too.
Huge thanks to all of the artists involved, and to our own amazing team for creating a truly inspired show that we’re pleased to share with you, here are the full details.

Hundreds of Cards to Choose From!
Original Art that Fits Anywhere!
Card Diptychs
Card Triptychs


Saturday, September 26th at this link:

Artwork by Doug LaRocca
Artwork by Barret Chapman
Artwork by Anthony Petrie
Diptych Artwork by Brian Hebets
Mulit-Card Artwork by David Slebodnick
Artwork by Robin Springett

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