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“I bet I can cheer him up! I’ll give him a balloon. Do you want a balloon too, Georgie?” – Pennywise The Dancing Clown

Pennywise has solidified himself as a horror icon amongst others like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers (maybe not the same level but he’s recognizable). He’s everything you have ever been afraid of and feeds off of fear. Mezco has added him to their One:12 Collective and he is based on the 2017 film. He comes with a lot of accessories and other times to create several looks for your shelf. Let’s check him out!


The packaging on the front has some creepy artwork with mist and a lone police car. The IT logo is front and center with Pennywise in the top corner. Throughout the box is a red tone and the side has some nice artwork. The back has the typical Info: “action/accessories” with a ton of items included. The cover slides off with the figure secure in the plastic bubble pack.  


It seems like when it comes to horror movies, Mezco tends to keep to the character design when it comes to heir figures. The same goes for Pennywise here. The costume design and head sculpts are practically lifted from the designs used in the films.  

There are four (4) head sculpts included and if it was in stop motion, it would go from straight-faced to a full-on monster. They’re all in the likeness of Bill Skarsgård in every way. As I mentioned, the first is straight-faced, the second is a simple smile, the third is a grin with rows of teeth ready to feed, and the last is monstrous teeth about to bite down on someone.  

They all make a variety of poses possible to replicate from the films or something new. The coloring of the hair and white makeup on the skin is perfect and there are subtle color changes as you go up the forehead into the cracked facepaint. The lips are cherry red and have the disturbing lines that run up through his eyes. The eye color is an unnatural amber and varies in shape, depending on the head. The teeth are good on the second sculpt and do work on the two there they change. They aren’t as sharp as I would like them to be but it only looks off at a very close inspection.  

Now, the beauty of the heads, in this case, is that the slightest tilt in a certain direction can change his expression. From innocent to creeper in 10 seconds.  I do wish that they included another head with blue eyes because those are the eyes he uses to get his prey to trust him.  

Down to the costume: It has good weathering all around and looks like he has been holed up in a sewer for a long time. The stitching has that red and white look to accent in the right places. His neck ruffle also looks dingy but fits nicely. It also doesn’t pull when removing the heads. His cuff ruffles are also dingy and have some light tears in them. The same goes for his leg wraps and he has the ruffles on his shoes. His shoes are black and white vinyl with little red poms on each one. 


The included accessories: the four (4) head-sculpts, eight (8) interchangeable hands, one (1) paper boat, one (1) balloon, one (1) severed arm, one (1) framed painting, a base stand arm for posing, the base stand with the logo, and a plastic bag for the accessories.

Beginning with hands, each one has a specific purpose for a particular accessory or look. The posing and grabbing hands speak for themselves and do hold the severed arm accessory. There is a boat holding hand, a balloon holding hand, and claw hands. Now, the claw hands are meant to look like the werewolf hands that he tears through his gloves from the final fight scene.  

The paper boat is the one that Bill makes for Georgie at the start of the movie and leads him to be a meal. It even has the “SS GEORGIE” on the side.

The balloon is a cool accessory and this figure would be lacking if it wasn’t included. It has a candy red, matte finish with a wire for the string. This makes it look like it floats but also a little more versatile in posing.  It comes with its own hand that works specifically for it.  

The severed arm looks like it is from the scene where Mike first sees Pennywise. He sorta does a wave to him with it with a bloody mouth.  

The framed painting is the one that Stan is scared of in his dad’s office. It’s very creepy but it looks like the print is a little bit light. If the coloring was a little darker, it might even look like it was a real canvas.  

The base is black with IT written in red in the style of the film logo. It is considerably different than the prototype version. The final version is simpler and looks nice. The arm is also the standard that’s included with practically every figure in the One:12 Collective.  


The flexibility of the figure is deceivingly good with the arms and the legs in particular. They are double jointed and the fabric allows for movement with little restriction. The hands and feet swivel properly and even the head sculpts move well at the neck. Could you replicate the scene where he climbs out of the refrigerator? Probably not but, he can contort with the best of them.


Pennywise is a faithful addition to the horror section of the One:12 Collective and establishes the creepiness that the clown strives for. He is loaded with accessories, hands, and heads to keep his poses fresh. My gripes are trivial and I don’t think they should discourage anyone on the fence about this figure. I can easily and highly recommend picking this one up before he is gone.

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