[Funko Games] Disney’s it’s a small world! Board Game

In collaboration with Disney Funko Games just released a slew of new family themed bard games from a bunch of properties including Pixar, Mickey, Disney Princess’ and even on based on one of their iconic theme park rides – it’s a small world! and you can see them all here. It was therefore a wonderful surprise when I found a copy of it’s a small world! at my doorstep and I’m happy to share some thoughts about the game.

Disney’s it’s a small world!

If there is one attraction that is most recognizable at various Disney theme parks throughout the world it’s a small world would be it. The happiest cruise that ever sailed, it’s a small world, takes visitors on a joyful journey of various cultures throughout the world. The attraction features over 300 audio-animatronic dolls in traditional costumes and singing the attraction’s title song.

In this children’s game teams travel through different rooms discovering the different cultures of the world while along the way collecting picture cards that match the scenes of the room they are in. The team with the most matched cards by sundown wins.

One of the things I typically do before getting into gameplay and overall impressions is to take a look at the packaging and design. That said, to me the packaging for it’s a small world! stands out as one of the most beautiful boxes for a game I’ve come across. Mimicking the exterior of the attraction and featuring the iconic clock tower is one of the few games that in my opinion can sit on a bookshelf or otherwise be displayed when not in use. If you are buying the game because you have small children or you are just a Disney fan and have fond memories of the game the box with its gold foil and sparkling accents would fit in perfectly as a display in any Disney fans collection.  The interior of the box cover features a boat with various children throughout the world conveying the attractions theme of unity.

The production value of the game is also very high and I would go as far to say that if you have the space for it you could display the game as well, though I do feel the box by itself is enough as a display. The clock tower, room dividers, and cards are all beautifully illustrated and once assembled for play really does bring the magic alive for fans of all ages. 

Gameplay is very simple and with a 20 minute play time can keep a young child’s attention throughout. The game board is divided into four rooms with each room containing four scenes of different cultures. The game can either be played together as a family or as two teams competing against each other. Each round a team’s boat advances one space and the team draws a number of cards based on the spot they moved onto. Teams then match cards in their hand to any of the four scenes in the room they are in. Teams can also choose to rotate the room boards using rotating room cards allowing them to match characters from areas not in their room.  Mixed amongst the cards are clock tower cards, each time a clock tower card is drawn the wheel on the clock tower is advanced and once the six (or five if you want a shorter game) comes up the game ends. The team with the most collected cards wins the game.

Overall Impressions

For a Disney game it’s a small world! offers a quick and fun game for the younger children in the family. It’s a perfect game to keep the attention of young children and the rotating rooms and moving boats will certainly provide enjoyment when playing. If parents want to get creative I am sure they could include facts about the various cultures being collected as they are playing the game to add a bit of education into the game. I could also see room for expansion from Funko Games to include more cultures to make the game more diverse. For the adult fan the game might be a bit too simple however is again a beautiful display piece.

Game Details
Game by Funko Games
For 2–6 players
20-minute gameplay
MSRP – $29.99
Buy Here: Disney

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