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Christopher Nolan SteelBook wave hitting France in March

This March, Warner Bros. will release a Blu-ray SteelBook wave that consists of six films directed by Christopher Nolan.

BIG HERO 6 SteelBook coming to a U.S. Target store near you

On February 24th, Target will be releasing an exclusive Blu-ray SteelBook of DIsney’s BIG HERO 6.

Vote now for your 2014 Blu-ray SteelBook of the Year!

The 4th Annual SteelBook of the Year awards is now upon us! Vote now for your choice of best SteelBook of 2014. Winner to be announced January 31st!

Czech retailer FilmArena to release exclusive SteelBook collection

Beginning with AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, Czech online retailer FilmArena will be releasing a new exclusive SteelBook series titled ‘The FilmArena Collection’.

2014 Top 5 Worldwide SteelBook Releases

Michael Madison publishes his picks for the top SteelBook releases of 2014.

‘Iconic Art’ SteelBook Review #3: FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS

Our tour of Universal’s ‘Iconic Art’ SteelBooks continues with the oddly-brilliant FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS.

Top 5 2014 domestic SteelBook / special packaging releases

Which new SteelBook and special packaging releases made our Top 5 list? Read on to find out!

The Iconic Universal SteelBook Wave is Available Now!

Universal has released a Blu-ray SteelBook wave to Best Buy and Amazon.

LOOPER Mondo x SteelBook FutureShop Exclusive Announced

Hi-Def Ninja announces LOOPER as the next Blu-ray Mondo x SteelBook Future Shop exclusive.

DRIVE Mondo x SteelBook gallery & review

Kenneth Livitski unboxes and reviews DRIVE, the first Mondo x SteelBook exclusive from Future Shop in Canada.

LUCY Blu-ray SteelBook coming to Target in January

LUCY releases in Blu-ray SteelBook form in January, exclusively to Target.

BOYHOOD Blu-ray Mondo SteelBook announced!

BOYHOOD is the next Mondo x SteelBook and also a Future Shop Exclusive.

Sony Pop Art SteelBook Wave at Future Shop

Sony’s presenting a pop culture, art project wave of 15+ Blu-ray SteelBooks that will be available at Future Shop and Best Buy on November 23rd.

Novamedia’s exclusive #1 DRIVE Blu-ray SteelBook spotlight

Novamedia is a Korean retailer and they’ll be getting into the SteelBook game with their first exclusive of the film DRIVE (they…

Novamedia’s exclusive #1 DRIVE Blu-ray SteelBook spotlight: lenticular slipcover version

Novamedia’s exclusive DRIVE will also be a Blu-ray SteelBook featured in a limited edition lenticular slipcover. It has been designed by KD…

Novamedia’s exclusive #1 DRIVE Blu-ray SteelBook spotlight: 1/4 slipcover version

One of Korean retailer Novamedia’s Blu-ray SteelBooks of DRIVE will be a 1/4 Slipcover version. It is extremely limited to 100 copies…