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The trailer for IMMORTALITY OR BUST is available to watch

Daniel Sollinger’s IMMORTALITY OR BUST has a trailer online and HDN has it here!


CLICK THE IMAGE TO HEAD ON OVER! Are you indoors? Feeling bored, restless and about to go out of your mind? Well…

The 2020 Oscar Nominees

This is a list of nominees for the 2020 Oscars.

Audi’s History on the Big and Small Screens

Audi’s Relationship with the Cinema Regarded as one of the most refined, reliable car manufacturers on the planet, Audi sits perfectly between…

The SPIDER-MAN deal between Marvel Studios and Sony is over

Sony and Marvel Studios’ SPIDER-MAN Deal is done.

Love the Movies? Like a Tipple? Combine the two!

Ok, so plenty of films involve a drinking scene – but have you ever been in one of the British pubs that…

Will Disney+ Impact Disney SteelBooks?

Much has been talked about of the new streaming platform to come later this year from Disney called Disney+. However not much…

The 2019 Oscar Nominees

This is a list of nominees for the 2019 Oscars.

Farewell, My Hero

Ken Livitski bids a farewell to his personal hero, Stan Lee.

Operation Red Sea – Blu Ray [UK]

When terrorists take hostages in the fictional province of Ihwea, its up to a crack squad of Chinese special operatives to rescue…

The first trailer for Marvel’s CAPTAIN MARVEL has been released!

Marvel Studios has released the first trailer for the upcoming film CAPTAIN MARVEL starring Brie Larson.

DC’s AQUAMAN trailer has been released at SDCC!

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer to DC’s AQUAMAN at SDCC!

The first trailer for DC’s SHAZAM! has been shown at SDCC!

DC’s SHAZAM! has its first trailer released at SDCC!

The trailer for GLASS is here!

The trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s GLASS is here, check it out!

Indie Spotlight: Terror Films to Unleash THE BARN Digitally on July 27th

Award-winning ’80s horror throwback THE BARN is making its way towards digital platforms.

Indie Spotlight: COLD SKIN arriving in September from Samuel Goldwyn Films

Director Xavier Gens’ COLD SKIN will release on VOD and in select theaters on September 7th.