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A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS prints on sale tomorrow from Dark Hall Mansion

Dark Hall Mansion presents a new print based off of A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS.

ROBOCOP is Grey Matter Art’s next limited edition print

Grey Matter Art is releasing ROBOCOP as a Limited Edition Screen Print by Matt Ferguson.

A new poster from Grey Matter Art has released!

Grey Matter Art has released “The Road to Ruin” to complete their Vices Series.

[NYCC 2015] Interview: John Rasmussen from Sideshow Collectibles

At NYCC 2015, Michael Madison interviewed John from Sideshow Collectibles.


Michael Madison reviews the STAR WARS: THE FORCE INSIDE and STAR WARS REBELS: BATTLE PLANS books from Put Me In the Story.

Dark Hall Mansion’s UNIVERSAL MONSTERS series will chill you to the bone

Dark Hall Mansion has released a new set of art prints based off of Universal’s Monsters.

Ninjas Chat… Monsters, Creatures and their FX Artists!

Ken chats to members of the forum regarding FX artists and the dying art of practical effects within the film industry.

[IDWGames] CHEW: CASES OF THE FDA Card Game Review

Michael Leventhal reviews IDWGames’ new Chew: Case of the FDA card game.

Pepperland print on sale this week by Dark Hall Mansion

Dark Hall Mansion presents a new print based off of The Beatles’ YELLOW SUBMARINE.

Dark Hall Mansion releasing two new PEANUTS prints this week

Dark Hall Mansion presents two new prints based off of IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN.

Order your CRIMSON PEAK Crest art print today!

An exclusive video for the Legendary Art Series’ CRIMSON PEAK art print!

MADMAN is the next poster from Grey Matter Art

Grey Matter Art is releasing MADMAN as their next poster.

[NYCC 2015] STAR WARS REBELS Panel (Spoilers)

Michael Leventhal covers the STAR WARS REBELS panel from NYCC 2015.

[NYCC 2015] My interview with the Star Ace Toys Limited crew!

At NYCC 2015, I had the chance to sit down with the representatives from Star Ace Limited and, their parent company X-PLUS…

NIGHTMARE CITY campaign returns with Phase II

Tom Savini & Umberto Lenzi’s NIGHTMARE CITY returns to Indiegogo!